C Mag Guide to Sustainability

Here are some of C Mag’s tips to staying sustainable

As generations continue, sustainability is crucial in combatting Earth’s susceptibility to climate change

Are the choices people make and actions people take enough to maintain Earth’s necessary ecosystems for future generations? The functionality of the environment will continue to decrease unless sustainability becomes a key element of society. 

Junior Ella Bishop speaks about her sustainability practices in her own life. Separating her trash and recycling has helped her create less waste in her home. 

“I consider myself sustainable by composting, my food waste and separating out my trash.”

Throughout her daily life, she is constantly going from place to place, whether that is school, extracurricular activities, or just back home. She Carpools very frequently with friends and to her sports practices. 

Furthermore, Bishop has taken it upon herself to find simple ways to help the environment.

“Another effort I’ve been definitely starting to work on more this year is just reducing my consumption like really limiting the purchase of items,” Bishop said. “I don’t necessarily need more things and I can just repurpose old things that I already have.”

Many people struggle to find ways to be sustainable, however, what is overlooked is how simple changes in one’s daily routine can greatly decrease the amount of waste produced in one’s home. 

“I think the most important thing to know is that sustainability is not one perfect thing, there are so many little steps you can take to start striving towards it,” Bishop said.

In a world where ecosystems are collapsing due to climate change, it is critical that humans do what they can to be sustainable, and care for the rapidly changing planet. Bishop understands the importance of change and works hard to produce as little as she can. 

“Well, for me, one of the primary reasons I am sustainable is because I care a lot about our environment and it’s currently struggling a lot,” Bishop said.  “I think among other things, sustainability is one of the best ways to help mitigate the effects of climate change on an individual basis.”