Art Galleries in Palo Alto

Ally Scheve

With rent soaring in Silicon Valley, locally owned art galleries have struggled to maintain their space and have subsequently dwindled in number. The remaining galleries are the hidden gems of Palo Alto, and they’re great places for community gatherings and housing the arts. Here are a couple that you should visit. Check them out!

gallery house

finalNestled between a high-end hair salon and a brand new gym, Printers Cafe on California Avenue houses the 60-year-old Palo Alto institution, the Gallery House. The gallery is surprisingly large, with numerous paintings lining the walls, and it showcases many different techniques and styles. As I observed some of the exhibitions more closely, a kind woman named Patricia Nojima approached me. Nojima has been a part of the Gallery House Co-Op since 2002. As a part of the co-op, Nojima and the other artist, pay dues and staff the gallery while their art is on display. Nojima leads me around the gallery, pointing out certain areas of the gallery and noting the diversity of the work. There are paintings that jump off the walls like the psychedelic water color pictured to the right, pictures that capture the true beauty of the Bay Area through masterful photography and alluring handmade tapestries. Gallery House has been showcasing art since 1956, and it’s an important part of Palo Alto’s art history. With a lovely staff and beautiful art, it is hard to pick a highlight, but the boxes of unhung work sitting near the back of the gallery that are relatively inexpensive should not be missed. Gallery House is a great place to spend a leisurely afternoon drinking a delicious iced coffee and admiring exquisite local art.

bryant street galleryfunkygalleryhouse

Located one block off of University Avenue, the Bryant Street Gallery showcases contemporary art. Established in 2002, the gallery is a haven for art lovers and appreciators of beauty. The gallery is white and airy, with cavernous ceilings and large, abstract paintings lining the walls. A recent exhibition featured Tracey Adams, a long-time partner with the Bryant Street Gallery who brings her emotions to life through art. The texture and bold colors of each of her paintings make them pop off the walls. This exhibition is full of vibrancy and sentiment. The art housed in the Bryant Street Gallery is upscale but worth visiting, as it is very accessible and one of the only art galleries left in downtown Palo Alto. After a meal with your friends, step into this gallery to explore contemporary art with bold colors and brush strokes.


Bryant Street Gallery: 532 Bryant St, Palo Alto, CA 94301

Gallery House: 320 California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306