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Artist of the Month: SoundClout

Artist of the Month: SoundClout

Hazel Shah, Gigi Tierney, Tyler Varner, and Maddie Yen

December 19, 2018

Music is, and always has been, a form of expression that captivates both artists and listeners. Many artists find music to be an outlet in which they can express themselves and their thoughts. Paly students Alfredo Jack (‘20), Raymond Richards (‘20) and Liam Teare (‘21) who refer to themse...

Artist of the Month: The Untitled Band

Emily Filter, Grace Rowell

December 17, 2018

Music is ubiquitous, and it can appear anywhere. The sense of universality in music allows for the establishment of communities centered around this art. Those within these communities strive to enjoy cohesive sounds and rhythmic harmonies produced by themselves or their peers. The concoction that is ...

Willy and the Four Boys

Natalie Schilling, Fiza Usman, and Jessica Weiss

November 15, 2018

Grant Blackburn, government and economics teacher, not only has a passion for teaching but also for music, as it consumes a major aspect of his life. Growing up, music filled his home; and his love for it at a young age drove his desire to play an instrument of his own. After trying to figure out what...

Artist of the Month: Senior Deck

Artist of the Month: Senior Deck

Jack Stefanski, Isabel Hadly, and Karina Kadakia

October 4, 2018

The senior deck, a somewhat sacred part of campus, represents the unity, pride and accomplishment of a student’s final year of high school. The ceremonial painting of the deck has been a tradition for each rising senior class as it is their first opportunity to claim the space and personalize it, leaving t...