Why Try Yoga?

1. Relaxation

According to Yoga Source instructor Hilary Acer, “I think that one of the only ways that people can drop into a state of relaxation is to work their bodies and to be intense in some way.” When people come to a yoga class they are required to shift their focus from the outside world to their breaths and poses. Going into this state of mind allows practitioners to clear their heads and stray away from any underlying angst.

2. Concentration

Acer explained that yoga is much more than just a physical exercise class ­— it can actually improve your concentration. “People don’t realize how often they actually practice yoga. For example, runners often talk about getting into the zone,” Acer said. “You get into the cadence of breath and being present, and to me, that’s sort of a form of meditation and movement — which is really what yoga is.” Harnessing the ability to focus your mind can translate to activities outside of the studio. “When you get outside and you’re stuck in traffic or have a conflict with someone, you can tap into the things that you are working on on the mat and remember to connect to your breath and to stay calm,” Acer said.

3. Movement

With a variety of poses and stretches, yoga works your body in ways that provide many physical benefits. “If we were to break down the physical, I think there’s three or four different components; there’s your ability to increase flexibility and your range of motion, there’s a chance for you to increase strength, and balance and stability,” Acer said. Yoga offers a lot more than your ordinary exercise class; it’s a chance to get in touch with the present moment.