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The World Beyond

Marilyn Yin, Sophia Baginskis, and Ella Rosenblum | March 11, 2021

Does everything happen for a reason? With a rise in astrology and manifestation, students examine how these ancient practices do or don't play a role in their lives.

The Hidden Aftermath

Reya Hadaya, Sukhman Sahota, and Libby Spier | March 11, 2021

Dark aspects of the past are often covered up, giving the world an incomplete and biased perspective of history

The Great Outdoors

Brooke Glasson, Julia Ragno, and Natalie Hmelar | March 11, 2021

Students find sanctuary in spending time doing their favorite outdoor activity and exploring California’s natural wonders.

Coffee Critique

Samantha Feldmeier and Eunice Cho | December 23, 2020

Taste testing local favorites at Palo Alto cafes.

Born With a Screen

Brooke Glasson, Reya Hadaya, and Libby Spier | December 23, 2020

As the first digital natives, Generation Z uses social media as an outlet for assembly and a platform to create social change.

A New Wave

Julia Ragno and Jack Haney | December 23, 2020

COVID-19 has created the perfect opportunity for newcomers and longtime surfers to enjoy the California coast.

Building Connections

Aidan Do | December 23, 2020

Video games connect students during times of isolation and begin to influence the culture of politics like never before.

Grow As You Go

Emma Joing and Marilyn Yin | December 17, 2020

Gardening proves to be a gratifying pastime for Paly students and experts alike.