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A Fatal Attraction

A Fatal Attraction

Katherine Buecheler, Fiza Usman, and Theo Lim-Jisra February 12, 2019

Murderers, both in real life and in the movies, are omnipresent in our society. We are fascinated with those who commit horrific acts. But why can't we look away? Heart beating out of your chest,...

Coming Home

Coming Home

Palo Alto offers one of the best public educations in the country, largely credited to the incredible teachers, who work tirelessly for their students, as well as the extensive budget of the district. The skyrocketing prices of Palo Alto homes push many teachers out of the area, who are then forced to lose hours from both their personal and professional lives to devote to their daily commute.
Tamar Ponte, Mahati Subramaniam, and Chloe Laursen February 12, 2019

Between the year-round, near-perfect weather and overtaking tech industry, numerous citizens worldwide are migrating to what was once a charming, small town. Within the city of Palo Alto, almost all the...

Let's Talk About Sex (Ed)

Let’s Talk About Sex (Ed)

Gigi Tierney, Jaime Furlong, and Maddie Yen February 12, 2019

While methods vary, the presence of and level to which sexual education is taught remains an extremely controversial topic. However, the ultimate hope is to teach a proactive sexual education in a way...

Starlets of Palo Alto

Starlets of Palo Alto

Ellen Chung, Claire Li, and Jack Stefanski February 8, 2019

A second of anticipation surrounds the kitchen as fingers delicately place the finishing touch on a plate, a recipe developed after many stages of trial and error. Delve into the journey of two Palo Altan...

Closing the Gap, Opening the Opportunity

Closing the Gap, Opening the Opportunity

Serving to combat the academic achievement gap, DreamCatchers creates a positive and safe environment that provides students with support, compassion and confidence.

As young children, we are told that we can grow up to do and be anything we want. However, for some this is not an obtainable reality. As we grow older, we learn that success requires a range of different...

Photos by Kailee Correll

Downtown Streets Team

Downtown Streets Team is an organization dedicated to providing solutions to the struggles of the homeless population.
Claire Moley, Kailee Correll December 17, 2018

A city is often considered  a complex ensemble of streets and overlooking structures, yet, there are distinct, imperceptible social boundaries that divide the population into two primary factions. This...

Kameras 4 Kidz

Kameras 4 Kidz

Angie Cummings and Patille Papas December 17, 2018

As high school students, it is easy for us to get wrapped up in pandemonium of our day-to-day lives and forget about the little things that can offer us so much… We decided to hand the lens over to a...

Medicinal Misconceptions

Medicinal Misconceptions

Charlotte Amsbaugh, Ryan Gwyn, and Raj Sodhi December 16, 2018

Potheads. Stoners. Mainstream media often falsely portrays those who have or seek to acquire medical marijuana cards as recreational users looking for a legal avenue to maintain their unlawful drug habits,...

Twenty First Century Trading

Emily Filter, Natalie Schilling, and Neive Wellington December 14, 2018

Picture yourself surrounded by piles of clothes in the sale section of your favorite store. Have you ever considered where these clothes end up if they are never sold? Unfortunately, the truth is that...

It's like Deja Vu...All Over Again

It’s like Deja Vu…All Over Again

Many have experienced the vivid yet ambiguous feeling of recollection that can occur in a split second. This mysterious phenomenon that is déjà vu has resulted in many startling experiences which have been explained by many intricate theories that still remain unproven.
Katherine Buecheler, Karina Kadakia , and Hazel Shah December 14, 2018

Everything feels normal until your consciousness staggers; the present moment has triggered a sense of familiarity, presently causes an obscure sensation. This unexplainable experience is known as déjà...

The Impatient Generation

The Impatient Generation

C Magazine observes how the advancement of digital services and experiences is altering younger generations’ aptitude for patience, and its effect on their lives and futures.

Patience is a virtue and one backed by research. Studies have found that juveniles who demonstrate greater levels of patience go on to live more successful, fulfilling lives. Although, with the quick advancement...

Women Behind the Camera

Ellie Fitton, Hazel Shah, and Charlotte Amsbaugh December 14, 2018

In the 90 years of the Oscars only five women have been nominated for the Best Director Academy Award. Of these five women, Kathryn Bigelow became the first and only female winner for this category in...

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