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Summer’s Summoning: A Look Book

A young, penniless, lady of fashion’s guide to warm weather wardrobe magic.

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As the chilly winter mornings that make all the California girls want to crawl back into bed finally begin to ease, summer greets us, and this particular Cali girl is most excited about one thing: Summer fashion (what a shocker). Summon those denim skirts and vibrant crop tops from the depths of your sad winter closets ladies, and get your pretty lil’ butt on the next Caltrain to San Francisco and make your way to Haight and Ashbury.

Oh, you’re broke? No worries girl, this one’s for the ladies rolling on a budget. The Haight, one of San Francisco’s most iconic neighborhoods and home to the quintessential Bay Area stoner and hippie, is a hub for enthusiastic thrifters and pioneers of the latest alternative looks. Stores, Relic Fashions, Buffalo Exchange, and Decades of Fashion offer a vibrant ensemble of garments with a range of clothing from the 1800s to the hippest most current trends. Leave the heels at home and brace yourself for a full day of fashion enlightenment.

So once you’ve swooped those unique steals, lay ‘em out on your bed and take a minute to admire the day’s conquests. Then begin to brainstorm. Would this high waisted, suede mini skirt compliment my new velvet stilettos? The answer: Absolutely not. Girl, this ain’t the 2004 Jersey Shore club scene, this is PA. Instead, opt for your favorite pair of comfortable sneakers; personal favorites include Converse, New Balance, and the classic Adidas.

Alright, so once you’ve managed to complete the basic task of pairing a solid tank with a denim skirt (which trust me, always seems to impress people) it’s time to whip that face and hair into shape. Lucky for us lazier girls, the “natural” look is in this season. A simple coat of mascara and perhaps some brow gel will do. As for the hair. let it loose. Don’t worry about straighteners and curling irons. Work what your mamma gave you and simply brush through. So now my dear ladies, you have been briefed on all the summer’s upcoming trends. Have fun, enjoy the fashion, and remember you were not put in this world to be mediocre. The same goes for your outfits.