C Magazine

Sleep Tight

Ellie Fitton, Claire Li, Ellen Chung, Isabella Moussavi, and Tyler Varner | December 6, 2018

The brain’s inclination to dream is one of life’s most compelling and open-ended mysteries. Sleep is a necessary function of the human body, and as something that consumes up to a third of our lives, there is still much that is left for speculation. Why do we dream? What do these dreams mean? Where do these images originate within our minds? Many scientists have attempted to respond to these...

Big Business is Watching

Kailee Correll, Leon Lau, Tamar Ponte, Mahati Subramaniam, and Fiza Usman | December 6, 2018

Photos and Art by Patille Papas and Leon Lau As you wait in congested traffic, you see billboard after billboard, all advertising a different product. Some pop out more than others forming a long-lasting impression, getting you to look into and possibly even purchase the product later. Each of these billboards were strategically designed and placed in order to incentivize their chances of having...

Beyond the Brain

Ashley Guo, Katherine Buecheler, Claire Li, and Hazel Shah | November 29, 2018

In an effort to expand Paly’s perception of intelligence, C Magazine investigates the nuances and psychological reasons behind this abstract concept.

Arts + Science

Angie Cummings, Ashley Guo, Isabel Hadly, and Ellen Chung | September 16, 2018

C Magazine explores the unlikely intertwining of two opposing subjects — art and science — and the importance of incorporating this new duo into society.

The Analog Redux

Chiara Biondi, Ryan Gwyn, and Grace Rowell | March 22, 2018

Creativity flourishes with limitations, inspiration is a byproduct of constraints. Yet in today’s digital world, the usual restrictions that come with creating art seem to have melted away, replaced by DSLR cameras and autotune. The results are perfectly pristine, cold and distant, lacking the raw, unfiltered quality that works of the past possess. Analog devices, however, have these limitations...

Plants & Prescriptions

Lhaga Dingpontsawa, Emily Filter, Lara Nakamara, Rosa Schaefer Bastian, and Jack Stefanski | January 26, 2018

An overwhelming stomach ache can be quickly, and effectively, alleviated with a Tums tablet, which tends to be at close reach in many homes. Brands as familiar as Tums have integrated themselves into the lives of many Americans, and in turn these companies have created a booming industry. The heavy reliance on Big Pharma is clearly seen through the seventy percent of Americans who take at least one...

Age of TRAP

Gabe Cohen, Mattie Orloff, and Ryan Gwyn | January 18, 2018

What will be the 2010’s defining musical genre? Each decade can be identified by the music that was popular at the time. The 60’s had the British invasion and protest music, the 70’s had disco, the 90’s had grunge–the list goes on. These musical eras provide a snapshot of their respective cultures, and often are remembered as the voices of the youth. So, which musical movement will be looked...

Empowerment Education

Emily Filter, Lara Nakamura, and Rosa Schaefer Bastian | October 20, 2017

The special education department at Paly consists of more than 200 students; however, within that, multiple programs exist. There is an Autism Spectrum Program called Academic Communication, Occupational Therapy programs, which focus on enhancement of a student’s motor skills and organization, and the Post-Secondary program, which helps adults from ages 18-21 stand on their own and maximize their...