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Contemporary Classics

Film is proof that great art can come from anywhere: a story told out of order, a magical bathhouse, a quirky pregnancy story, and a likable office worker. There are thousands of great films, but these four are a good start.

Copycat Couture

In an effort to generate profIts, corporate retail brands often approprIate culture and steal from artists without giving due credit or payment.

Makeup: The Remake

Makeup in the 21st century represents more than constructing a “pretty face”. It is a developing art form which is constantly evolving into an industry which better serves a world of growing beauty diversity.

Stop the Fame

As the stigma around school shooters continues to grow, the media has a choice to either fuel this growing fire of atrocities by over-analyzing the perpetrator, or extinguish the glamorization of these mass shooters.

You Wish You Were a Senior

Decades later, the senior class continues to follow the footsteps of previous years: wearing camouflage attire on various school days in a final display of unity.

Sex, Drugs and Gen Z

HBO’s newest drama presents a dismal outlook on the life of up-and-coming Gen Z teens, wrapped up in a neon-tinted bow.

The Dotted Line

On March 28, Lil Uzi Vert released the track “Free Uzi,” a protest of his record label. Rappers continue to call out their labels for abuse, so why do they keep signing?

Breaking Barriers

In the past, artists have questioned whether revealing their true identities to the public was worth sacrificing their reputation. However, recently, popular artists have begun to open up through their music, leading to the celebration of broken barriers.

Is It All About the Music?

With constant advancements through the addition of outside attractions, the music festival industry has recently gained rapid attention from the public. But does this mean that these events are straying away from their original roots and drifting towards becoming a marketed experience that solely aims to make a profit?

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Retro Renaissance

Text by Anya Lassila and Michaela Seah, photos by Anya Lassila Palo Alto High School sophomores, Anya Lassila and Michaela Seah, set out to dig deeper...