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Pins and Needles

Tattoos and piercings were once seen as inappropriate and a sign of violence. People would have to conceal their tattoos and piercings in the workplace...

Anti Art

The attributes of the Dadaist art movement were inspired by the chaos of the post WWI world, and are now reflected in the seemingly nonsensical art of the late 20th and early 21st century.

Featured Artist: Amy Liu

Amy Liu’s ice skating journey began almost 14 years ago in China. Her consistent determination and eagerness to succeed has allowed her to become one of the top skaters in the United States.

An Escape From Reality

Science fiction has been a top-grossing genre in the entertainment and pop culture industries for years. When people think of science fiction, they most...

Not So Stereotypical

Growing up in a world full of expectations, stereotypes and assumptions, I often found myself confused as to why I could not fit the mold so many people expected.

A Student’s Best Friend

Within Paly’s high-pressure environment, students have found that service and therapy dogs help reduce stress and improve their overall mental health.

Enough is Enough.

With rap being one of the most popular capitalized industries, teens are drawn to the fame and the culture, also exposing them to drug use at a young age. Teens closely follow their favorite rap artists and their influence is slowly changing the minds of what is considered mainstream.

Women in Hip Hop

In a largely male-dominated industry, a small number of female rappers have become successful against all odds, inspiring future generations of women and paving the way for more inclusion in hip hop.

The Return of Melanie Martinez

Three years later, Melanie Martinez releases new music and an accompanying film.

Behind the Scenes: Tower Building

Vallen Queen, assistant principal's secretary Vallen Queen grew up in Palo Alto as the oldest of three sisters and two step-siblings. Her parents...

Watch us try french fries and chocolate milkshakes from various fast food establishments in a carpool mukbang style video. If you ever need a comedic relief from your hard, stressful day, or if you want to know where to get the best fast food fries or...