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Art for Change

Paly artist Jennifer Wu strives to discover herself and her values through art, and change society’s beauty standards through fashion. From the beginning of her artistic journey, Wu has been honing her skills and discovering her personal style.

Pop! Art

From trash cans to canvases, bubble wrap is taking the art scene by storm.

Peace of Mind

Art provides a way to escape the stressful realities that come with life. Painting or even simply doodling can give a sense of tranquility.

Out With the Old

A new form of sexual violence prevention education in PAUSD

Redefining the Crown

By focusing on women empowerment and inclusion rather than looks, the pageant industry is taking steps in the right direction.

Stop the Fame

As the stigma around school shooters continues to grow, the media has a choice to either fuel this growing fire of atrocities by over-analyzing the perpetrator, or extinguish the glamorization of these mass shooters.

The Return of Melanie Martinez

Three years later, Melanie Martinez releases new music and an accompanying film.


Artists such as Lana Del Rey and Radiohead have dominated the alternative music field, creating music outside of the mainstream rock and pop genres of their times.

Bedroom Pop

A messy computer display of tracks, plugins and markers line the screen. A small box next to the computer houses inputs for microphones, keyboards and...

Color of the Month: May

C Magazine Asks: Favorite Song Lyrics

Retro Renaissance

Text by Anya Lassila and Michaela Seah, photos by Anya Lassila Palo Alto High School sophomores, Anya Lassila and Michaela Seah, set out to dig deeper...