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Featured Artist: Ena Zou

Through her newly-launched brand, Reverie, fashion designer Ena Zou uses fashion as a unique art form, allowing for freedom of expression and style.

Pins and Needles

The rise in popularity of tattoos and piercings has spurred a new age of social acceptance which changes the way people express themselves.

Anti Art

The attributes of the Dadaist art movement were inspired by the chaos of the post WWI world, and are now reflected in the seemingly nonsensical art of the late 20th and early 21st century.

Misery Poker

Humans love to compare, but when comparison turns into a competition of wagering your miseries, the game can never be won. Let the rounds begin!

Knock on Wood

From lucky clothing to holding your breath in tunnels, many students have superstitions that may go undetected, but can dictate major parts of their lives.

An Escape From Reality

The science fiction genre rapidly increases in popularity every year. With more and more franchises being put into that category, we wonder why these imaginative worlds have been attractive to audiences for years.

Music & The Mind

Everyone has their own music taste. Whether it’s pop, rock, country or a mix of genres, studies have shown that there is a possible correlation between your personality and the type of music you listen to.

Enough is Enough.

With rap being one of the most popular capitalized industries, teens are drawn to the fame and the culture, also exposing them to drug use at a young age. Teens closely follow their favorite rap artists and their influence is slowly changing the minds of what is considered mainstream.

Women in Hip Hop

In a largely male-dominated industry, a small number of female rappers have become successful against all odds, inspiring future generations of women and paving the way for more inclusion in hip hop.

The Turning Point

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to worsen, people are living in a state of fear and paranoia, not knowing what is to come. Vogue Italia took action to exhibit the good during this unprecedented time by providing a positive media source for people around the world.

Senior Tracker Map

This map shows where each Cmag senior will be living next year, what their plans are, and what they are most excited about! Congrats 2020!

Behind the Scenes: Tower Building

Many of Paly’s staff work in the tower building, taking on responsibilities crucial to the daily functioning of the school. C Magazine interviews two essential staff members – Ms. Queen and Mrs. Gardiner – and delves into their passions, both at and outside of Paly.