C Magazine

Old Trades in a New World

Bridget Packer and Emily Cheng | October 21, 2020

Where do traditional vocations stand in a rapidly digitizing world?

Live to Eat

Kailee Correll, Zander Darby, and Ashley Guo | May 29, 2020

To some, food is simply sustenance, but to others, it’s a way to connect with people.

Featured Artist: Ena Zou

Samantha Feldmeier and Sophie Jacob | May 2, 2020

Through her newly-launched brand, Reverie, fashion designer Ena Zou uses fashion as a unique art form, allowing for freedom of expression and style.


Sophia Baginskis and Ellen Chung | April 22, 2020

Androgynous fashion combines traditionally female and male items of clothing into a unisex outfit. In the 21st century, this neutral lookis growing in popularity, and the variety that comes with gender-fluid clothing allows for everyone to have a place in fashion regardless of gender identity.

Pins and Needles

Tamar Ponte and Mahati Subramaniam | February 29, 2020

The rise in popularity of tattoos and piercings has spurred a new age of social acceptance which changes the way people express themselves.

Anti Art

Dunya Mostaghimi, Emma Stefanutti, and Atticus Scherer | February 29, 2020

The attributes of the Dadaist art movement were inspired by the chaos of the post WWI world, and are now reflected in the seemingly nonsensical art of the late 20th and early 21st century.

The Original Punk Rock

Alexa Gwyn | February 15, 2020

Jazz music’s place in the modern world is one of versatility. While it is widely believed that this art form is dying off, many are unaware of the influence this symbolic genre has had on various common music styles today.

Featured Artist: Amy Liu

Atticus Scherer and Alexa Gwyn | February 7, 2020

Amy Liu’s ice skating journey began almost 14 years ago in China. Her consistent determination and eagerness to succeed has allowed her to become one of the top skaters in the United States.