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Switch It Up

Leslie Aboytes and Faith Chow | December 14, 2020

Isolation has sparked a new wave of personal growth and exploration.

Grasping Grief

Emily Cheng and Dunya Mostaghimi | October 21, 2020

With grief weighing heavily on people’s shoulders, students look for ways to cope

Blast From the Past

Dunya Mostaghimi and Libby Spier | October 21, 2020

Students find comfort in rewatching childhood movies, listening to old music and going through nostalgic possessions

Gone But Not Forgotten

Samantha Feldmeier and Julia Ragno | October 21, 2020

California's oldest park was devastated by the CZU Lightning Complex fires, leaving behind ashes but also hope for regrowth

Passion to Product

Reya Hadaya and Sophia Baginskis | October 13, 2020

Young entrepreneurs turn their passions into charitable and profitable businesses.

Beating Boredom

Katherine Buecheler, Sophia Baginskis, and Fiza Usman | June 8, 2020

With a surplus of time on their hands, Paly students have the opportunity to rekindle old passions and discover new ones.

Pages of Isolation

Callum Olsen, Raj Sodhi, and Rachael Vonderhaar | June 8, 2020

Old journals have told the stories of our past and have now returned as a cathartic release during times of uncertainty.

Hip Hop’s Newest Wave

Ellen Chung and Ellie Fitton | June 8, 2020

Five years ago, Asian hip-hop was almost nonexistent in the US. That all changed with the creation of 88rising—the music label that is finally putting Asian artists on the map and taking the American music industry by storm. Founded in 2015 by San Jose native Sean Miyashiro, 88rising has become a trailblazer in the movement to provide Asian artists with a larger platform in the mainstream music...