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Everybody Needs a Best Buddy

Zander Darby and Libby Spier | November 19, 2019

Best Buddies, an international non-profit, provides opportunities and friendships for people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their four pillars are one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, leadership development and inclusive living. At Paly, the Best Buddies club focuses on friendships that have changed many lives for students. Friendships, unforgettable memories and opportunities are all formed both in and out of the classroom.

Low & Slow

Claire Li, Sam Mutz, and Hazel Shah | November 19, 2019

From gracing local neighborhoods to emerging on the streets of Japan, the striking cars and tight community of lowrider culture has evolved from its traditional Latino roots to bring people together from around the world.

Life Through a Lens

Sophie Jacob and Bridget Packer | November 19, 2019

Focusing on real life rather than fabricated stories, documentaries offer audiences a new means of sharing information and facilitating discussion.

Out With the Old

Leslie Aboytes and Katherine Buecheler | October 23, 2019

A new form of sexual violence prevention education in PAUSD

Redefining the Crown

Emma Stefanutti and Atticus Scherer | October 15, 2019

By focusing on women empowerment and inclusion rather than looks, the pageant industry is taking steps in the right direction.

Stop the Fame

Lindsey McCormick and Tamar Ponte | October 15, 2019

As the stigma around school shooters continues to grow, the media has a choice to either fuel this growing fire of atrocities by over-analyzing the perpetrator, or extinguish the glamorization of these mass shooters.

You Wish You Were a Senior

Kailee Correll and Claire Li | October 15, 2019

Decades later, the senior class continues to follow the footsteps of previous years: wearing camouflage attire on various school days in a final display of unity.

Sex, Drugs and Gen Z

Theo Lim-Jisra and Libby Spier | October 15, 2019

HBO’s newest drama presents a dismal outlook on the life of up-and-coming Gen Z teens, wrapped up in a neon-tinted bow.