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Fresh Off the Runway

Tamar Ponte and Sukhman Sahota | March 20, 2019

Particles of makeup saturate the air, shimmering in the repetitive camera flashes. Suddenly, the deafening shouts of directors and backstage staff destroy the fragile scene, only serving to heighten the nerves of the models, who are moments away from hitting the runway. Though to an outsider, this chaos may seem too much to bear, these individuals are headstrong in their purpose and can overcome this...

The Face of Crisis

Ashley Guo, Tamar Ponte, Lia Salvatierra, and Raj Sodhi | March 18, 2019

The opioid epidemic affects millions of Americans on a growing scale. Many artists have set out to capture the candid vulnerability of addiction both in use and recovery. Their efforts serve to humanize and highlight addiction's impact on countless lives and to provide momentum behind policies aimed at effectively relieving the crisis.

All in the Spit

Jack Callaghan and Kailee Correll | February 18, 2019

Aside from containing enzymes that break down food, saliva is made up of chromosomes that become the genetic outline of your being. 23andMe, a biotechnology company, provides a unique DNA analysis service that many people find fascinating due to the among of information that is able to be uncovered. Although it may not seem professional, customers spit in a tube, send it to 23andMe and the company...

A Fatal Attraction

Katherine Buecheler, Fiza Usman, and Theo Lim-Jisra | February 12, 2019

Murderers, both in real life and in the movies, are omnipresent in our society. We are fascinated with those who commit horrific acts. But why can't we look away? Heart beating out of your chest, your body lies still, sitting on the couch in your living room. As the light from the TV flickers in the darkness, the violin melody preludes the victim’s guaranteed fate, and you find yourself wanting...

Coming Home

Tamar Ponte, Mahati Subramaniam, and Chloe Laursen | February 12, 2019

Between the year-round, near-perfect weather and overtaking tech industry, numerous citizens worldwide are migrating to what was once a charming, small town. Within the city of Palo Alto, almost all the housing infrastructure is occupied.With hardly any residents moving away and many flooding in, housing is in high demand and prices continue to rapidly increase. “The median price of homes in...

Let’s Talk About Sex (Ed)

Gigi Tierney, Jaime Furlong, and Maddie Yen | February 12, 2019

While methods vary, the presence of and level to which sexual education is taught remains an extremely controversial topic. However, the ultimate hope is to teach a proactive sexual education in a way that will protect the health and wellbeing of adolescents, while simultaneously protecting each individual’s sexuality and personal beliefs. Introduction Whether adults choose to look the other...

Starlets of Palo Alto

Ellen Chung, Claire Li, and Jack Stefanski | February 8, 2019

A second of anticipation surrounds the kitchen as fingers delicately place the finishing touch on a plate, a recipe developed after many stages of trial and error. Delve into the journey of two Palo Altan restaurants and the effort that each puts into attaining and maintaining A Michelin star, an ultimate mark of prestige within the restaurant industry. Grilled tentacles of Spanish octopus...

Closing the Gap, Opening the Opportunity

Katherine Buecheler, Karina Kadakia, and Chloe Laursen | December 17, 2018

As young children, we are told that we can grow up to do and be anything we want. However, for some this is not an obtainable reality. As we grow older, we learn that success requires a range of different components.  Many students have the potential to be successful but are not given the opportunities to do so. DreamCatchers, an after-school program offered to low-income students within Palo...