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Retro Renaissance

Kailee Correll | May 27, 2019

Text by Anya Lassila and Michaela Seah, photos by Anya Lassila Palo Alto High School sophomores, Anya Lassila and Michaela Seah, set out to dig deeper into the fashion culture and its representation among their peers. With a longer article to be published in Paly's arts and photo magazine, [proof], take a sneak peak at a collection of photos and quotes to get an insight of how earlier decades of...

Kimi Lillios and Ellen Chung | May 23, 2019

Learn how to create a new story, format images on photoshop, add pull quotes and embellish your story with graphics by following these simple tutorials! Click on the provided link to view all four tutorials: https://ec34624.wixsite.com/cmagwebsiteupload

Claire Li, Tamar Ponte, and Mahati Subramaniam | May 22, 2019

For C magazines brand new series “37 Questions with C mag and AOM,” Leo Marburg showcases his musical abilities and brings us into the world that is Paly theatre. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fZZotwVS94

It’s snowing… in May?

Ryan Gwyn | May 22, 2019

April showers bring… May showers? You might want to put away the sunscreen and grab your ski stuff from the corner it sits in from May to November. Late winter storms are here and it looks like they are staying. Already in the month of May, the San Francisco Bay Area has been hounded by rain and 18 inches of snow has fallen as low as the foothills of the Sierra. While not unheard of, this much precipitation...

Experimentation or Self-Medication

Tyler Varner | May 22, 2019

Experimentation with drugs and alcohol is extremely common in high school.  There are also kids that are struggling with serious problems, and fall into substance abuse as a way of coping.  How do we draw a line between mere experimentation and self-medication? Self-medication is defined as using drugs or alcohol to self-treat a health problem without medical supervision.  Experimentation is defined...