Begging for S’more


S’mores Cookie Sandwich

Toast a marshmallow over an open flame. Meanwhile, melt Hershey’s milk chocolate chips in a microwave for one minute. Add a touch of olive oil and frequently pause the timer to stir the chocolate. Spread the melted chocolate on a chocolate chip cookie and add the toasted marshmallow before topping it off with a second cookie. Enjoy!

S’mores Dip

Butter a circular glass dish that is approximately three inches deep. Next, cover the bottom of the dish with two layers of a chocolate bar. Then, cover the chocolate layer with marshmallows. Bake in the oven at 300 degrees until marshmallows are golden-brown. Watch closely to ensure the that the marshmallows don’t burn. Use graham crackers to scoop the chocolate and marshmallows.

Grilled S’mores

Butter two pieces of Wonder Bread on one side and lay them on a skillet buttered-side down. Turn the flame on low and place chocolate on one piece of bread and halved marshmallows on the other. When the chocolate starts to melt, take the piece of bread and lay it chocolate side down on the other piece to form a sandwich. Cook for a few more seconds, flipping the sandwich continuously.