The Best 2016 Albums


“Coloring Book” by Chance The Rapper

Might be a little too gospel for some people, but still one of the most bumpin’ albums of this year.

“Queen Alone” by Lady Wray 

Everyone needs some soulful lady funk!

“Bottomless Pit” by Death Grips 

If you are trying to get in the middle of a mosh and potentially be scared for your life but also be happily thrilled, listen to Death Grips and get hyped.

“Atrocity Exhibition” by Danny Brown 

Play the album from “Downward Spiral” to “Hell for It” — the order has purpose!

“We Got It From Here, Thank You for Your Service” by A Tribe Called Quest

Proves that the OG jazz influence in rap still holds up while expanding its roots to create a fresh sound. 

“The Life of Pablo” by Kanye West 

Oh, Kanye, the forever weirdo, came out with this album and then proceeded to change the most random parts of his songs for the weeks to come. (Easiest one to spot: in “Ultralight Beam,” when Chance starts rapping and says no one can judge, it was originally a silent break. Why did he change it? No one really knows…) 

“A Moon Shaped Pool” by Radiohead 

The new Radiohead is unplugged and the stronghold of the rock genre, which itself is becoming artisanal anti-pop. This makes their new album that much more vital.