hit the ROAD



The Bay Area Ski Bus is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to hit the slopes, or even just the snow. The service provides a variety of options, the most unique including a lift day pass to the destination (snacks included!). It is also an option to only pay for transportation by shuttle, excluding the lift ticket. There are a variety of pick up locations, a few being in Menlo Park, San Jose and Walnut Creek. The only downside to the ski bus is that it requires waking up bright and early as boarding occurs from 4:00 am to 5:30 am. Get some rest on your way up, breakfast is included!


The city of Palo Alto provides many free shuttles that go all across town. Many students can take the Embarcadero Shuttle to school, as it stops right in front of Town and Country. All of the Palo Alto Shuttles are free and wheelchair accessible, so next time the crew needs a ride to the mall, consider taking the shuttle instead of asking your parents!


Bay area ferries and boats are a great option for riders interested in gaining easy transportation, as well as an experience.  Boats go to and from Sausalito, Golden Gate Park and more. Water taxis and ferries like these can provide a unique and economical experience for those looking to cross the waters in the area.


Caltrain is a safe and convenient commuter rail line that runs through the Peninsula and Silicon Valley. It is divided into six zones; the Southmost point is in Gilroy and Northmost point ends on 4th and Kings Street in San Francisco. Pricing is relatively inexpensive and provides eligible discounts up to 50% for anyone 18 and under. Tickets are bought from dispensers at the stations and vary based on the number of zones you travel through. For specialized events at AT&T park, Stanford stadium and the SAP center, the service will run extra trains to subsidize for the surplus of commuters – so consider public transportation as an option for attending any event at those locations!


The Muir Woods Shuttle is a bus partnership between Marin Transit and the National Park Service to provide an easy way to enjoy one of the Bay Area’s greatest beauties: Muir Woods National park. Service hours are quite seasonally selective. Currently, it’s running on weekends and holidays until October 29th. The round trip fare rests at a cost of only $5.00.


BART, also known as Bay Area Rapid Transit, is an excellent way of getting around the bay. Although there aren’t any stops in Palo Alto, the easiest access to BART is by taking a northbound CalTrain, and getting off at Millbrae. By doing this, you can hop onto a BART train and travel to most neighborhoods in San Francisco, Berkeley, or as far as Concord and Martinez.


The MUNI transportation system is a huge network of cable cars and busses that, for a very cheap price, can serve as a way of getting around the city all day stoping at exactly 80 stations.


Buying a  Highway 17 Express day pass gives you access to transportation for the Highway 17 Express Bus as well as rides all around Santa Cruz. For seven dollars people of all ages have access to a method of getting to Santa Cruz, plus plenty of rides around the famous beach county.


Amtrak is a great resource for long distance travel. A weekend getaway to spots like Santa Barbara or even Portland are all within reach! Amtrak even has trains going across the country that could make for a winter or spring break like no other. Amtrak also provides a 15% discount for those with a student I.D.; so go and get out there Vikes!