C Mag Recommends: A Covid Safe Spring Break

With Spring Break right around the corner and limited vaccines available, many students are forced to have a break with no travel and are left with no clue on what to do. Check out these fun activities for you to try by yourself or with friends while still being Covid-safe.


Bike Rides

A great activity to occupy yourself with this spring break is biking. Almost every student has a bike and whether it is a serious road ride, mountain biking, or a simple cruise around the neighborhood, biking provides a great way to get outside and enjoy the spring air! Palo Alto has many great locations for rides such as the Baylands, Arastradero Park, and the Sand Hill-Portola loop, making the possibilities endless. You can go by yourself and take in the outdoors or go with a small group of friends and enjoy a group ride.

Mini Golf

If you are looking to go out and do something with friends, mini golf is a great option! With several Mini Golf locations open nearby, it is not a long trip, providing hours of fun. In Mini Golf you are generally isolated from other groups at the course creating a Covid safe experience for you and your friends. Simple and easy to understand, Mini Golf is a great outdoors activity for your spring break.

Taste Tests

A fun way to kill time over Spring Break is by doing “taste tests”. A taste test is where you take a food of your choice and buy lots of different varieties of said food or go to a bunch of different restaurants that serve the food of your choosing. You can do this with your friends or by yourself, although going out to eat with your friends increases the risk factor of this fun challenge quite a bit. A few good examples of foods to taste test are ramen, hot sauce with wings, burgers, pringles, or donuts. If you are looking to go out and try foods, I would recommend either ramen or donuts as the Bay Area has both exquisite ramen and donut places. If you are more worried about Covid and would rather stay home, pringles and hot sauce are both great things to taste test. A large variety of hot sauce and pringles flavors can be found at large stores like Target or Walmart.


A nice hobby to pick up during Spring Break is gardening. Gardening is a calming way to relax your mind and body while being outdoors, and this  is the perfect season to start! Gardening is relatively easy to pick up and can be started by going to Home Depot or Summer Winds and purchasing a planter box, several starter plants, a bit of soil, and some fertilizer. There are usually instructions that come with your planter box so once you have reached that point it is smooth sailing. If you are already a bit of a green thumb, a fun way to mix up your gardening is by planting a themed garden. An example of this could be a spaghetti sauce garden, housing tomatoes, basil, and onions. Beginner or expert, gardening is a great way to spend a break!


If none of those other options interest you and you find yourself missing school, a great way to fill that void is by sitting alone in a Zoom call for eight hours a day. Although you would be missing the chatter of your teacher, just by being in a Zoom meeting it already feels like your at school, making it the perfect activity for those who are “school-sick”.