Homecoming Lookbook 2021

Paly students share their homecoming experiences


“Homecoming was a blast! I missed the aspect of school dances so it was awesome to finally have one!”

Emily Neuman, senior

“I am so grateful that we are even able to have a homecoming considering COVID-19 restrictions. I loved jamming out with my friends and singing my heart out. Homecoming was such an amazing end to Spirit Week and it was so satisfying and incredible to see the entire student body bond and have a good time.”

Bella Nguyen, sophmore

“Both setting up for and attending homecoming were really fun experiences! i enjoyed being able to spend time with my friends and im really grateful that my first homecoming dance was in person. huge thank you to the other asb members who made this possible!!”

Celina Lee, freshman

“This was my first homecoming even though I’m a sophomore and it was really fun to see everyone there and hang out with friends before.”

Miya Joshi, sophmore

“It was dope.”

Diego Diaz, senior

“I thought homecoming was a really fun experience with all of my friends and seeing everyone dressed up was also nice.”

Sadie Voorhees, freshman

“The high energy and excitement throughout the entire night was awesome!”

Hillary Studdert, junior

“Homecoming was such a fun and perfect event to finish complete spirit week!”

Grace Corrigan, junior