C Mag Reviews: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

A review of Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


With a momentous milestone in Asian influence skyrocketing amongst American media, Marvel Studios, the notorious superhero television company, has introduced a predominantly Asian cast in their films for the first time. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has taken the world by storm, accumulating $431.3 million to date. Marvel’s seemingly arbitrary production of Shang Chi has correlated with a rapid increase in Asian representation in media. 

Other recent television productions have also displayed a majority Asian cast: Crazy Rich Asians, Squid Games, and a large variety of K-Dramas. Nevertheless, Shang-Chi’s distinct arrival on the American movie scene has provided the public with a must-see film. 

Shang-Chi’s plot illustrates the protagonist, Shang-Chi, as an upbeat young adult who attempts to live as a typical figure in society to cloak his harsh past. From a young age, Chi’s father trained him to become a warrior whose destiny would be to avenge his mother’s death and defeat his father’s enemies. Chi’s disciplined upbringing would be interrupted as he ran away from home as a teenager. However, despite his efforts, Chi’s past rapidly catches up, forcing him to reconcile with his childhood. With Chi’s sister potentially being exposed to their father, Chi eventually reunites with his family. From this moment on, Chi and his sister work together to halt their father’s ill intentions. 

Perhaps the most significant takeaway from the Marvel movie was the representation of Asian culture. Viewers were able to understand the dynamics of Asian families and social values. In discussions of historical context, the media has previously failed to accurately portray the diverse cultural aspects of Asian society, often creating unnecessary stereotypes. However, with the help of progressive social movements and the ongoing importance of accurate representation, Shang-Chi has created an example that many future films must follow. 

Shang-Chi’s vast eruption in popularity has reflected our changing social values — the elimination of stereotypes and the accurate representation of every culture. In addition to precise representation, Shang-Chi’s character development and dynamic storytelling provide the audience with a movie that lives up to Marvel’s fanbase expectations. Therefore, everyone should race to the theaters and watch this masterpiece. 

Featured image by Marvel Studios