C Mag Recommends: Musical Memories (2021 Holiday Edition)

The C Mag staff’s favorite holiday songs showcased with their most fond holiday memories

This song always reminds me of Christmas when I was little.”

— Sophia Baginskis, senior

This song makes me feel festive.”

— Eunice Cho, senior

It reminds me of a lot of Christmas movies and I would listen to the song a lot in the car during winter break.”

— Kaila Chun, junior

My mom used to play this song whenever we were going Christmas shopping. It reminds me of Christmas shopping and buying gifts for [my] family which I think is nice.”

— Evie Coulson, junior

It makes me feel spirited.”

— Aidan Do, senior

My brother and I would listen to it in the car during summer to get hyped for Christmas, and now it’s my favorite holiday song.”

— Brooke Glasson, senior

I heard this song on the radio a few weeks ago when it was just starting to feel like fall.”

— Audrey Guo, junior

When this song was first released, my younger sister and I used to dance and sing to it nonstop. I always feel nostalgic whenever I hear it play.”

— Reya Hadaya, senior

My family and I listen to it on the drive back from going to the hills to cut our Christmas tree.It reminds me that I am stress free and holiday ready.”

— Jack Haney, senior

It’s nostalgic. I love Mariah Carey.”

— Olivia Hau, junior

[This song] puts me in the winter spirit.”

— Natalie Hmelar, senior

I think this song is a classic for getting in the mood for Christmas. I like to listen to it when I am hanging out with my friends during the holiday season and doing fun things like driving around Christmas Tree Lane, making gingerbread houses, decorating houses, etc.”

— Eunchae Hong, junior

This song reminds me of car rides with my family over winter break.”

— Julie Huang, junior

I really like this song because it’s more of a current holiday song. I feel like there’s a lot of songs that are really old that have been sung forever and are about really old events. I really like it because it’s about a long distance relationship where one of the people comes back in summer. They do a bunch of fun winter holiday couple things because they’d been apart for a really long time. [The song] talks about how the fun Christmas couple things can be done all the time. I thought it was really fun to visualize that.”

— Emma Joing, senior

This song reminds me of my extended family having reunions in Hawaii. We don’t get to go there very often, but, when we do, it’s always so much fun. We played this song when we would be driving places in our rental cars with like seven people in the backseat. It makes me miss my family, but it also makes me smile because I think about all the good times we had. I haven’t seen them in two and a half years because our family reunion got canceled because of COVID, so I’m very excited to see them this Christmas and listen to the song.”

— Sami Lee, junior

It makes me excited for Christmas.”

— Wendy Li, junior

Every year during Christmas time, my mom and I make apple crumble and eat it every Thanksgiving dinner. We always have this really big Christmas playlist that we play. One of our favorites is ‘Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!’ One of my first memories is singing that [song] and cutting up the apples. It just really embodies the holiday season for me.”

— Anna Markesy, junior

Rudolph makes me feel super jolly and in the Christmassy spirit.”

— Caitlyn Oda , junior

[This song] makes me miss the snow and want to build a snowman.”

— Jeremy Peng, senior

This song is from ‘Christmas with the Kranks’ and it always gets me in the Christmas spirit. It makes me feel like I’m in a small town with lights strung everywhere, [snowing] on a cold winter day.”

— Julia Ragno, senior

It makes me excited for Christmas and gets me in the mood for warm drinks in the cold [weather and] rain.”

— McKenna Rausch, junior

The oldies style is really fun, and [this song] really upbeat.”

— Milena Rodriguez, junior

I used to listen to this song with my mom in the car during the winter months. Now it reminds me of my childhood winters. I’m Jewish, so Christmas music doesn’t hold much sentiment for me, but winter is my favorite season, and I love old jazzy romantic winter music like this [song].”

— Ella Rosenblum, junior

Me and my family always laugh at this song when it comes on. My brothers always try to imitate the way Louis sings. It is one of my family’s favorite songs.”

— Kellyn Scheel, junior

My family and I have gone to the Los Altos Festival of Lights Parade every year, except for these past two because last year it was canceled by COVID and the year before it was raining. It’s always been a holiday event that myself and my family have looked forward to. I think that there’s a lot of nostalgia attached to that. My mom places it as one of my grandpa’s favorite Christmas songs. Maria‘s Antiques has this cool float with a Ferris wheel that comes by and plays that song and it evokes a real warm nostalgic feeling and memories of being with my family and being at the parade.”

— Mathew Signorello-Katz, senior

[This song] makes me feel happy and cozy.”

— Willow Steele, junior

This song reminds me of driving to my family’s farm over the holidays over winter break and listening to The Beatles in the backseat of my parents car. That’s something that I did that we did a lot growing up, so when I think of my favorite Christmas song, I think of ‘Wonderful Christmas Time.’ The Beatles and their music was such a big part of my childhood, and Paul McCartney’s voice is just so nostalgic, I hadn’t realized it until now.”

— Jasmine Tabrizi, junior

I usually hear this song when it’s close to the holidays, so it represents the start of the holiday season. It also reminds me of the Christmas parade I used to go to when I was little.”

— Brooke Threlkeld, junior

This song makes me think of that loving holiday feeling and my family decorating the Christmas tree. We turn on music over the speakers in our living room and hang ornaments on the tree together. We literally walk around the Christmas tree as that song is playing.”

— Emma Turnbull, senior

It is a cute bittersweet song.”

— Kylie Tzeng, junior

[This song] is just the one that I hear the most!”

— Casey Walters, junior