Wrap it Up!

C Magazine’s top music picks from 2021


“White Dress” by Lana Del Rey

In general, I really enjoy Lana Del Rey’s music. But this song really struck me as unique when it came out earlier this year because she uses a very soft tone when she sings, which is kind of different from some of her other songs. All together, this style is the style I’m used to hearing when I listened to her music. So it was a really nice. The new song offered a very powerful story while at the same time staying true to who she is as a singer and her music style.

— Jasmine Tabrizi, junior

“Levitating” by Dua Lipa featuring DaBaby

Everyone, like everyone, knew the lyrics because it was a huge TikTok song. My basketball team always warmed up to it. Anytime it came on the radio, it was really funny because we would always warm up to it, and it gets us really excited to play. It makes me really excited to beat the other team, and that gives me energy. Even if I’m down that day, that song just lifts my mood up.

— Mckenna Rausch, junior

“All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift

I listened to a lot of Taylor Swift growing up, so it’s very nostalgic to listen to her re-recorded albums and hear how her voice has matured. [‘All We Know’] is obviously super long, so it’s perfect for going on drives and just screaming the lyrics in the car. The first time I listened to it was in the car with my friends on the way back from a Harry Styles concert. We rolled down all the windows, and I was putting my hands out the window, singing along and hearing the new lyrics. I was very exciting because I know all the lyrics to the old version. It was shocking to hear the new lyrics. I watched the short film, too, and it was really powerful. The acting was just amazing. You can really feel the emotions that were happening, and it gave me the chills. It was amazing.

— Emma Turnbull, senior

Art by Kellyn Scheel