Post-C Mag Plans: Class of 2022

Where are C Mag seniors headed to next?

Sophia Baginskis, Editor-in-Chief

University of California, Berkeley — Neurobiology

“My favorite story I have written is ‘The 51%,’ but I have thoroughly enjoyed editing many other stories, especially ‘Debate Like a Savage.’ I am most proud of watching and helping each of the staff writers blossom into stellar journalists and step into leadership roles on the publication. I will miss production week the most. Although it was very stressful at the end, I loved getting to get to know the C Mag staff outside of school, especially students from other grades.”

Eunice Cho, Managing Editor

Cornell University — Computer Science

“My favorite story was ‘Music on the Mind’ because I was able to interview a Stanford professor on a topic I was interested in. I think I have grown the most in my ability to communicate with new people. After graduating, I will miss writing stories on topics of my choice.”

Aidan Do, Business Manager

Rachel Ellisen, Managing Editor

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor — Sociology

“My favorite story I wrote for C Mag is ‘Back to Campus’ because I loved the art and layout of the story. I am most proud of how much my editing skills have grown, and I’ve learned how much young students can accomplish when they work together towards a common goal. I will miss opening the magazine for the first time once it’s published and recognizing how many stories were being crafted in class right next to me.”

Brooke Glasson, Creative Director

University of Vermont —
Public Communications

“My favorite spread I did was ‘Butterfly Effect,’ which was my first spread and cover design as Creative Director. I was super proud of it, and I felt like I really got to express my own style. I also got NSPA design of the year for both the spread and cover design which was exciting and definitely a confidence booster.”

Reya Hadaya, Online Editor-in-Chief

University of California, Los Angeles — Psychology

“My favorite part of C Mag is how much I have learned from my interviewees and other staff members. Each story I have written and each person I have interviewed has helped me grow so much as a listener and a writer.”

Jack Haney, Creative Advisor

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo — Environmental Management

“[My] favorite story was [‘Everyone Belongs at the Skate Park.’] I am most proud of how I learned to use InDesign [and] work with a variety of teammates to generate a great article. I will miss most Mr. Wilson being super chill.”

Natalie Hmelar, Business Manager

Tulane University — Architecture

“I’ll miss hanging [out] with my C Mag friends.”

Emma Joing, Editor-in-Chief

Barnard College of Columbia University — Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

“My favorite story was ‘The 51%,’ because I felt like the topic was such an important one to cover, and I feel like we really did it justice. I’m most proud of being able to put out five full issues of the magazine that were culminations of all the hard work from our entire staff. I am going to miss working with such a psyched, supportive group of people on this magazine.”

Jeremy Peng, Staff Writer

University of Oregon — Architecture

“‘Staying in Coming Out’ was the first story I wrote for C Mag, and while it is not even close to perfect, the process of creating that first article taught me a lot on how to work with others and creating a beautiful spread one small step at a time.”

Julia Ragno, Editor-in-Chief

Miami University — Nursing

“I have learned so much leadership experience from C Mag, especially from my time as EIC. The two things I will miss the most about C Mag are the people that make up the class and seeing the magazine come together all the way to print form.”

Mathew Signorella-Katz, Staff Writer

Reed College — Political Science

“I’ve had such a wonderful time on C Mag this year; it’s exposed me to a totally new field of journalism and for that I am incredibly grateful.”

Emma Turnbull, Managing Editor

University of Washington —
Medical Anthropology and Public Health

“My favorite story I’ve written is ‘Beauty of Aging’ from one of our most recent issues. I’m most proud of all the technical skills I’ve learned [such as] writing, designing, using InDesign, and also all the amazing connections I’ve made with people on staff. I will definitely miss everyone so much next year, but I’m so excited to see how amazing C Mag will be with the new leadership team and staff writers.”

Marilyn Yin, Editor-in-Chief

Sarah Lawrence College

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