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A look into what Paly students think about popular fashion this fall


Fashion follows us wherever we go, from walking around school to billboards along the highway. Each aspect of our environment and the world around us influences our style and fashion choices. The weather, common style, culture and trends all play a part in how people choose to dress and express themselves.

With fall approaching, we interviewed Paly students to get a feel for popular, yet constantly changing, fashion in our community, exploring how the changing season and trends may influence their fashion choices.

What are some fall fashion staples in your closet?

I need some Juicy Couture. I most definitely need some Nike and Vans, for sure the Walgreens or CVS glasses and lastly my jewelry, because I cannot go anywhere without jewelry.”

— Jordan Walker, 11

Some fall staples in my closet are a corduroy, olive jacket that I really like to wear and also any dark wash jeans.”

— Lydia Mitz, 10

Some fashion staples in my closet include a nice pair of baggy corduroy pants and Grandma sweaters.”

— Austin Eng, 11

What do you think are some possible fashion trends for the next few months?

I think one would definitely be a Patagonia jacket kind of fleece because they are super comfortable and cozy going into the colder seasons. My honorable mention goes to jorts.”

— Roan Haney, 10

Some fashion trends for the future might be wearing bigger shoes and smaller, low waisted pants.”

— Jordan Walker, 11

I feel like definitely more low waisted things and a lot of corset tops. Maybe some baggier jeans for fall and definitely a lot of corduroy, doc martens and boots.”

— Lydia Mitz, 10

What colors do you think will be popular this fall?

With every season of fall, I think a lot of fall colors like brown, oranges and deep sunset-y colors will be trending.”

— Austin Eng, 11

This fall, I think more neutral colors, like black and gray, are going to be popular.”

— Jon Hochdorf, 9

I would say just usual mid tones like browns and dark greens, as well as black, reds and blues.”

— Roan Haney, 10

How do you think fashion trends this year are going to change compared to last year?

I think this year it’s gonna be a lot more baggy clothing.”

— Lydia Mitz, 10

There’s always going to be a trendy thing to do, whether that be a certain style, a certain accessory or shoes, but I think generally people are going to end up finding their own styles, not just trying to group themselves in just one category.”

— Austin Eng, 11

Right now the clean girl aesthetic is really popular, but I feel like that is going to change, and we are going to go into some grunge makeup. I’ve seen a lot more people do their makeup more grunge.”

— Ariana Ebrahimi, 11

How would you describe your style?

In the most simple terms, I dress like a halfway between a 90’s dad and grandpa.”

— Austin Eng, 11

I couldn’t really pin it down because it depends on the day and how much effort I put in, but I’d say I’m pretty elemental and down to basics.”

— Roan Haney, 10

I would describe my style as really simple. Sometimes I like to put a little twist and add some fun elements, but still keeping it comfortable and simple, just with a little spice.”

— Lydia Mitz, 10

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