C Mag Debates: Peet’s or Douce France?

Town and Country is home to many coffee shops with hundreds of Paly students entering them everyday, but which one takes first place?


There are many lovely coffee shops around Palo Alto, but the ones that are continuously debated by Palo Alto High School students are Peet’s and Douce France due to their easy access locations in Town and Country.

Most students are either Douce France people or Peet’s people, there really is no in-between. So, where does C Mag staff stand on the issue?

The C Magazine class continues to discuss this issue due to its relevance on our campus. Multiple interviews with the Magazine’s staff have helped us conclude which coffee shop is overall better based on environment, staff and menu.

There are many serious Peet’s fans in room 202, including our teacher, Mr. Wilson. Students reflect on how Peet’s is simplistic, reliable and close to home for many people.

Although pot coffee made from home is his preferred choice of caffeine, when Wilson wants to splurge, Peet’s is his destination.

“I get a coffee with cream and sugar,” Wilson said.“I don’t do fancy drinks, unless it’s time for my free drink. Then I will get the most expensive thing on the menu.”

Junior Zeke Morrison also prefers Peet’s for a more sentimental reason.

I have a special connection with it [Peet’s] ”

— Zeke Morrison, junior

“I used to live by the original Peet’s,” Morrison said. “I have a special connection with it.”

His go-to drink is the Black Tie; a Peet’s specialty featuring their Bardi cold brew topped with chicory and layered with condensed milk.

“The condensed milk provides a perfect balance in sweetness with the cold brew,” Morrison said.

Although some C-Maggers love Peet’s, the class leans more towards Douce France for its exciting environment and lovely lattes.

Martina Meyerfreund, a junior, believes that the warmth of the Douce France community is evident when entering the store.

“The environment is very welcoming, and I always enjoy going during brunch,” Meyerfreund said.

Furthermore, she loves visiting the establishment with her friends almost every day to sit down, drink her chai and collaborate with her classmates.

“The chai is very flavorful, and reminds me of fall,” Meyerfreund said. “[Going to Douce is] an activity I can do with the people I love which makes it even better.”

Another student who loves Douce is junior Brooke Hudacek. She highlights the ambiance of the cafe, and reflects on supporting small businesses in our area.

I think supporting small businesses is very important.”

— Brooke Hudacek, junior

“Douce is a small business, and I think supporting small businesses is very important,” Hudacek said.“Peet’s is a chain coffee shop, which doesn’t need [as] much to stay in business.”

Lastly, junior Lily Daniel works at the Philz Coffee shop in Menlo Park and has a great eye for good cafes, drinks and environments. She notes flaws in Peet’s, and how Douce tops the chain business in many ways.

“Peet’s coffee can be bitter, and its syrup levels are extreme,” Daniel said. “The lattes from Douce are delicious and never disappoint.”

Though both coffee places are loved on the Paly campus, it looks like Douce France takes the win for the C Mag staff.