Paly Wrapped 2022

Unwrapping Paly students’ most listened to songs that helped them through 2022


Whether it be quiet lo-fi music to help fuel studying or country music that makes you want to roll the windows down and turn the sound up in the car with friends, there is music for every occasion.

As 2022 comes to an end, Spotify has released its annual “Spotify Wrapped” once again. Spotify Wrapped is a viral marketing campaign that has been released at the beginning of December every year since 2016 providing users with a review of their music-listening habits. 

The event includes your top artists, genres, songs and has branched out even further to give listeners their personality traits this year. 

2022 has had a rollercoaster of events and many Paly students lean on music to guide them through both the good and the bad. Here are some of Paly students’ most listened to songs of the year. 

I love the guitar solo and the lyrics are relatable. It makes me think of summer and happiness.

— Finley Craig, senior

I usually listen to more intense music and this song is sad but has a chill vibe, giving me the best of worlds.

— Max Rabbitt, junior

The song is incredibly moving for me mostly because I find her [Eilish’s] music very relatable.

— Grace Henderson, freshmen

It’s my pump-up song! If I want to get some motivation to grade a lot of work, this song helps.

— Kenneth Tinsley, teacher

I first heard the song on TikTok and from then on it was just stuck in my head.

— Charlotte Lungren, sophomore