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Music artists vs. the test of time

Paly students share their thoughts on the key to maintaining relevancy in an ever-changing industry

With over 71,828 people employed in the music industry in 2023, keeping up with a rapidly changing society is one of the most difficult, yet important aspects of an artist’s career. 

While many are known for their “one-hit wonders” or short-lived trending records, only a few artists can withstand the true test of time. No matter the genre or the decade, a true classic artist will be able to withhold their legacy even as new generations enter the music scene.

Paly Junior Svina Narang is an avid music listener who shares her thoughts on the artists she believes will forever make their mark on the music industry.

“I think that Billy Joel is a musician who will continue to maintain his relevancy and fanbase because he will always be a classic artist,” Narang said. “Although he’s an older artist, the sound of his music is something I think will be enjoyed for many decades to come.”

Narang maintains that the key to having a lasting career in the music industry is consistency, although once you have become an established artist, this isn’t always necessary. Artists and bands such as Micheal Jackson or The Beatles are examples of musicians that no longer release records, however their songs are unmistakable. In many cases, music lives on beyond its singer.

“Consistency and continuing to release new music for the younger audiences is really important, but Billy Joel is such a classic that he doesn’t even need to continue releasing music,” Narang said.

Holiday tunes are another huge part of the music industry that will continue to live on for decades after their releases. Artists are aware of the rise in popularity that the holiday season brings to festive and relevant songs, so they are heavily promoted and pushed to a wider audience. This greatly benefits the artist, as people also begin to associate the musician with the festive season, leading to more and more replays years later.

Paly Senior Kimmie Shenoy believes that the everlasting spirit of holiday music can help keep the artist’s career thriving, even without releasing new music.

“Because Christmas music is listened to every year, it continues to keep the artist relevant,” Shenoy said. “Mariah Carey, for example, has been the face of holiday music for years, and I think she will be able to maintain her fan base because Christmas is one of the most widely celebrated Holidays.”

‘All I Want for Christmas’ by Mariah Carey was released in 1994 and has garnered over 1.4 billion streams as of December 2021; hits that have a huge impact on pop culture can guarantee that artists’ songs are being streamed, especially with the association with an annual season like Christmas.

With the beginning of a new year and many new stars on the rise, we can help artists navigate an ever-changing society by simply listening to the music we love.

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