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What Does Your Favorite Valentine Gift Say About You?

Unboxing the underlying meanings of Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is one of the most fulfilling and loving days of the year, and in 2024 C Magazine did a deep dive into what your favorite Valentine’s Day gift says about you— but no matter which gifts end up in your hands this year, remember that every gift comes from a place of love and appreciation! 

1 – Chocolates

If you’re looking for chocolates on Valentine’s Day, then you appreciate the classic and timeless gestures of love. Chocolates represent the small but sweet joys of life, which means you are someone who appreciates the little things. You’re as sweet as the chocolate inside the heart-shaped box!

2 – Stuffed Animals

If you want a stuffed animal for Valentine’s Day, then you adore the sentimental and comforting aspects of gifts. You love a good sense of nostalgia, and cherish every gift you get — no matter if it’s big or small! You see beyond a small stuffed animal and into the thought and hard work that went towards picking it.

3 – Jewelry

Wanting jewelry for Valentine’s Day shows you have an appreciation for visual displays and chic styling. You’re not afraid to show your emotions and put your love on display! This outgoing part of you makes you a magnet, and people love to be around you for it.

4 – Flowers 

This traditional gift dates back for centuries and has been received by millions of people throughout history. You appreciate natural beauty and love a fun pop of color in your life! Wanting flowers also shows you have a live-in-the-moment type of mindset, and adore the beauty flowers hold while they bloom in your vase. 

5 – Handmade Card 

If you want a handmade card for Valentine’s Day, then you are a thoughtful and kind person who values every aspect of love. You take great care when it comes to your relationships, show compassion to others, and find deep meaning in people’s words and affirmations. Additionally, you are very poetic and sentimental, and will keep these cards for generations to come! 

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