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C Mag’s Top 10 Chocolate Croissants

Check out our rankings for 10 of the best croissants in Palo Alto and the surrounding area

As self-proclaimed croissant connoisseurs, we decided to rank 10 chocolate croissants near and dear to our hearts. Keep reading to find the best, flakiest, lightest, most delicious chocolate croissant out there and hear our reasoning why.

10. Trader Joe’s Premade

While perfect for a quick snack, these croissants are more of a bread-filled chocolate dessert than a flaky pastry. You can get two croissants for just $3.99 which makes them a great deal compared to some of the others on our list, however, this price is reflected in the quality and taste of these croissants. 

9. La Baguette

Coming in at 9th place, La Baguette’s chocolate croissant is lacking in flavor and texture. With a price of $5.95, it is on the expensive side of the ones we have reviewed. For its quality, this is not as worth it compared to the other croissants on our list.

8. Douce France

This croissant is perfect for a chocolate lover with an extra chocolate dip on one side. For $4.50, this croissant is on the pricier side for its quality and size. The addition of the chocolate dip makes this croissant feel heavy and the pastry itself is not super light and airy. 

7. Coffeebar

While their almond croissants are huge, light and full of flavor, their chocolate croissants leave something to be desired. The pastry is nearly flavorless and there is not much chocolate inside meaning unless you get a bite of chocolate, the croissant is bland. Priced at $7.50, these croissants are expensive and not worth the high pricepoint.

6. Blue Bottle

With a fun outdoor patio and welcoming guests, Blue Bottle Coffee has a lot to offer, however, its chocolate croissant is not up to par with the others on our list. For $6.65, you receive a smaller croissant that has a bitter aftertaste and chewy texture. The chocolate flavor is good but is no match to others on our list. 

5. Coupa Cafe

Coming in 5th place is the Coupa Cafe chocolate croissant for many reasons. It is light, fluffy, crisp and flakey, however, it is not always the freshest. It is priced at $5.55, which is a great deal for its size. If you are looking for a chocolate croissant that will fill you up, this is a good one to purchase but be sure to go early in the day to catch it fresh. 

4. Trader Joe’s Frozen

Although these croissants require prep and baking time, they are fresh, warm, and easy to prepare. Priced at $5.49 for a pack of four, these croissants are a bang for your buck. These make our top five easily, but because of needed prep, we had to bump them down a few spots.

3. Manresa Bread

The fluffy but crisp croissant will surely satisfy your taste buds. Priced at $5.50, this croissant is chocolatey, buttery, flakey and all-around delicious. With a convenient location across the street from Palo Alto High School and availability at local coffee shops, this delectable croissant makes it to our top three. That being said, it cannot compete with the french bakeries taking our top two spots.

2. Mademoiselle Colette

This croissant is beyond picture-perfect with a golden brown, egg-washed top. Not only is it gorgeous to look at, but the super flakey inside with a perfect amount of chocolate leaves little to be desired. The price of $5.80 feels almost low for the quality and taste.

1. Maison Alyzée

Taking our top spot is Maison Alyzée. Although a little further from our home base of campus, this croissant is worth the trip. The perfectly flakey pastry is paired with Valrhona Chocolate creating a light and airy yet richly delicious combination. At a price point of $6.25, you can taste the quality of ingredients and skill put into making each croissant. Maison Alyzée’s menu also features two other variations of a chocolate croissant, one being a duo colored hazelnut chocolate which features a striped pattern of regular and chocolate dough creating a picturesque and tasty pastry. Perfect for chocolate lovers, their triple chocolate croissant is rich and full of chocolate as in addition to the traditional chocolate filling, it is made with chocolate dough and dipped in a chocolate sauce. Overall, the quality and flavor of these croissants puts them easily at the top of our list.

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