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Knight’s Auto Class: Driving Success

Students at Palo Alto High School share their experiences learning automotive mechanics with teacher Doyle Knight
Auto Shop Teacher Doyle Knight poses for a picture
                        Junior Tyler Kramer and Giacomo Resmini fix a car

Amidst the clang of tools, Doyle Knight dissects a vintage engine, captivating students with his hands-on teaching style at Palo Alto High’s auto shop. Knight’s classroom is a bustling workshop filled with the sounds of tools and engines humming. 

Here, students like Junior Henry Harding delve into the complexities of electric and hybrid vehicles, guided by Knight’s expertise and a curriculum that keeps up with modern automotive trends. “Mr. Knight provides worksheets that explain everything,” says Harding.

It’s a space where students don’t just absorb information but actively take ownership of their learning. 

Additionally, Knight’s influence extends beyond academics. Senior Sofia Rosen recalls Knight’s enthusiasm and support, commenting that his support makes a tough subject enjoyable. 

“He brings joy to the class, making a tough subject enjoyable. I’ve never met a teacher like him. He brings such an aspect of joy and fun to an interesting class. He’s very willing to help you, teach you, and go over things with you,” says Rosen.

Vintage car in the Auto Shop

In Knight’s class, mistakes are seen as opportunities to learn. Junior Tyler Kramer notes Knight’s forgiving nature, which allows students to learn from errors without fear. 

“Mr Knight has helped my problem-solving skills and helps me in any way he can. I don’t think I can say I’ve had a lot of teachers like him,” says Kramer. 

One of Knight’s core principles is a commitment to building relationships that extend beyond auto mechanics. He emphasizes creating a safe space where all students feel valued. 

“My main thing is that they feel I want them to come in and have a good time, but at the same time, not goof around, but also where they take away something that they may never have the opportunity to take away again,” Knight said. 

Knight’s impact is evident in the lasting connections formed within his classroom. His dedication to fostering a positive learning environment leaves a profound impression on his students, inspiring them to pursue their passions with confidence. 

As he looks to the future, Knight remains committed to empowering students and nurturing their potential. 

“Some of them have never taken Auto, but from what I hear, they always tell me that it feels welcoming and safe,” Knight said. What I am doing makes a difference in the way I treat them.”

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