Future of (some) C Mag Seniors

Future of (some) C Mag Seniors



As graduation approaches, our senior class embarks on an exciting new chapter of their lives. Our magazine is thrilled to highlight the incredible destinations where our seniors are headed for college. From prestigious universities to vibrant community colleges, each student’s journey is unique and full of promise. Join us as we celebrate their achievements and share the exciting paths they will be taking this fall!

“I’m excited to start a new chapter in my life but I will definitely miss the community that C Mag has brought me and I’m so grateful to know that I will always have these people to come back to.” 

-Brooke Hudacek

“I’m excited to take the knowledge I’ve learned from C Mag and apply it to future publications that I’ve joined.” 

-Scarlett Cummings

“C Mag will always be my favorite class in all of high school because it’s so unique in that you have creative liberty and independence over what you produce, throughout the whole story process.” 

-Saachi Nagar

“Im so thankful for all the experiences I have had at Paly, and I am going to miss spending time with the people here.”

-Sarah Bakhash

“Leaving for college is so bittersweet. Im hyped to see what the future holds for all of us, and will forever cherish all the amazing memories and people I met during my time at C Mag.”

-Martina Meyerfreund

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About the Contributors
Martina Meyerfreund
Martina Meyerfreund, Staff Writer
2022-2023 - Staff Writer I've always loved flipping through the cool designs and stories in the C mag magazines after they are distributed on campus. So I decided to join the C mag team because I wanted to take part in creating these unique magazines! I love the connection between journalism and design and the sense of freedom there is to have your writing turned into art. Along with my love for journalism, I like spending time with friends, playing volleyball, going to the beach, watching sunsets, and traveling. Pronouns: she/her
Siena Dunn
Siena Dunn, Editor-In-Chief
2022-2023 Staff Writer 2023-2024 Editor-In-Chief I joined C Mag because I was drawn in by the diversity of design and creativity throughout each spread. I love that C Mag has become a community of people who have a variety of common interests and who can easily work together. I enjoy dancing, thrifting, and hanging out with my friends.