Exploring the Unknown

Ever year, Paly students choose new classes. But do they really know about all the classes offered ?


Do you enjoy making your room look nice? Are you inspired by your friends’ lovely homes? Do you daydream about your perfect house? In interior design, students ranging from freshman to seniors can create their own floor plans, select fabrics and arrange furniture for their dream home. In a blended class setting, students will learn architectural and furniture styles: line, design, form, color and texture, as well as combine them into the living environment that best reflects who they are. The class interweaves finance into the curriculum, offering advice on how to best change the look of a room on a budget.


In the principles of biomedical science, juniors and seniors are introduced to the principles and mechanisms affecting the human body. Students learn about how the body meets the demands of everyday tasks and also how it can be influenced positively to increase efficiency and performance. The course includes topics such as human physiology, basic biology, medicine and research processes. In addition, students have the chance to design their own experiments targeted at solving problems.


Early Childhood Development is a class at Paly that students can take to learn more about child growth and development in infants, toddlers and preschoolers. It fulfills the Career Tech Ed (CTE) requirement or the History and Social Science requirement. After learning basic principles, students can participate in the implementation of an early childhood curriculum. As well as in-class learning, students will have the opportunity to observe students at Greendell School in Palo Alto regularly. After finishing the course, Paly students will have knowledge regarding how young children differ in development and have learned about ways to provide opportunities that support physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive development for children.


If you are interested in pursuing a teaching career, Teaching Seminar & Practicum is the class for you. It fulfills the Career Technical Education elective credit and the only prerequisites are a 3.0 GPA and a strong desire to develop leadership skills. Divided into four sections, there are different focuses for each quarter of the school year. These focuses include: The Professional Educator, The Learner, The Learning Environment, and Future Trends in Education. To really get the feel of being a leader in a classroom, students taking this course have the opportunity to work with the teachers at Paly by leading activities, tutoring, and assisting with field trips.