C Mag Tries: Weird Food Combos

Avocado + Chocolate

Taste Rating: 4/10

The verdict on avocados is almost as divided as the political climate of the United States. Some people indulge in this creamy fruit every day, while others find it tasteless and texturally repulsive. While most can agree chocolate is a blessing, almost no one organically devises to pair this sweet treat with avocados. When combined, some perceive the distinct flavor as harmonious, while others think this pairing should be avoided.

This unlikely combination was unappetizing to me because the avocado’s muted taste did not compliment the sweetness of the chocolate.”

— Dunya Mostaghimi, Senior

Eggs + Ketchup

Taste Rating: 7/10

Americans consume their sugar-loaded ketchup like no other country. but despite its overall national popularity, many can’t get behind putting the condiment of scrambled eggs. Many people see this combination as uncultured and bizarre while supporters see it as a natural act of genius. Who knew that there would be such controversy about complimenting the multi-tone flavor of eggs with a sweet condiment like ketchup? 

Ketchup is way too sweet, and it ruins the eggs completely.”

— Alexa Gwyn, Senior

Cereal + Orange Juice

Taste Rating: 5/10

For many people, cereal is the go-to breakfast when you have one minute to grab a bite before school. It’s quick and easy, without sacrificing taste. Combined with milk, this meal is one of the most popular breakfasts in the world. But if there’s no more milk in the fridge, can orange juice be substituted? While many people expressed their disgust on Twitter for this combination, others have justified it by saying that cereal can be combined with anything you like.

I was pleasantly surprised at first because it made the bland cheerios super sweet but then as it absorbed, the orange flavor completely dominated.”

— Brooke Glasson, Junior

Apples + Salt + Pepper

Taste Rating: 5/10

Sliced apples are one of the most common foods involved in flavor combinations—ranging from creamy nut butter to tart lemon juice toppings. But, there is a small portion of the population who also swear by adding salt and pepper to their apple slices. Fans of this combination rave about how the pepper perfectly balances the tart apple while the salt enhances the fruit’s natural sweetness. 

This combination tasted of crunchy saltwater with a hint of pepper. It was as if the ocean was made into a solid with 50% of the flavor sucked out of it.”

— Sophia Baginskis, Junior