Mr. Worldwide Back on Tour

Paly students? Yes. Pitbull? Yes. Paly students dressed up as Pitbull? Yes.

“I decided to dress up as Pitbull from the trend I saw on TikTok. I thought, ‘Why not. You only go to Pitbull once in your life so better make it count.'”

“My favorite moment was when Pitbull said, ‘Everybody goes through tough times. Believe me. Been there. Done that. But everyday above ground is a great day. Remember that.’ The whole crowd was screaming the words which just made it overall such a great experience.”

Tate Hardy, sophomore

“Pitbull was fire. It was my first concert since Covid and it was a banger. My sister and her friends dressed up as Pitbull which was super funny to see.” 

Bennet Hardy, junior

“I really wanted to go because I know pretty much all of his songs. My mom listens to a ton of Latin music so it was so fun when he played ‘Echa Pa’lla.'”

Julian Galindo, junior

“My favorite part by far was the song ‘I just wanna feel this moment’ because me and my friends thought it was the last song, so we went so hard”.

sophomore trey collins

“Seeing Mr. Worldwide really showed me what Miami looks like”.

“Fireball was definitely the best song he played which really exceeded my expectations”.

junior sam kaplinksy

“Being my first concert, Pitbull was such a good experience, the energy was so fun”.

“I didn’t know whether or not I should go because I didn’t know a ton of his songs, but I was with and surrounded by all my friends and people I wanted to be with”.

senior lucus sung

“My favorite moment was when Pitbull played Hotel Room Service because everyone got so hyped”.

“It was way more crowded than other concerts I’ve been to, which was fun, but I kept losing my friends”.

senior hailene stitt

“I went to Pitbull more to experience it with my friends and for the energy. Being on the lawn was a ton of fun with everyone, I hadn’t experienced anything like this since before the beginning of the pandemic”.

“I was debating selling my tickets instead of going, but I’m so glad that I went”.

senior braden leung