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Love Your Neighbor

Leslie Aboytes, Ashley Guo, Sophie Jacob, Kimi Lillios, and Fiza Usman | March 2, 2020

As housing costs continue to soar, homelessness is a reality that a growing group of people in the Bay Area face. To properly address the issue, we must ask the right questions: who are the homeless, what is currently being done and most importantly, what is next?

Libby Spier, Leslie Aboytes, Katherine Buecheler, and Sam Mutz | December 2, 2019

Pedro Rivas Lopez Pedro Rivas Lopez, a current bay area resident, grew up with his parents, five sisters and three brothers in Cumuatillo—a small town in Michoacán, Mexico. People stood on the side of the dusty roads and sold mangoes and lemons to the cars that passed. Church bells rang and the cows roamed the land.  “The next thing you know, I'm getting a haircut, I'm getting...

This is Not a Drill

, Kimi Lillios, Ellie Rowell, Sukhman Sahota, and Ellie Rowell | November 20, 2019

The planet is burning, oceans are rising, animals are dying and our quality of life is deteriorating every day. This relentless destruction of the planet can only be stopped if humanity as a whole takes more conscious steps towards sustainability.

Planting a New Narrative

Katherine Buecheler, Faith Chow, Alexa Gwyn, and Isabella Moussavi | October 18, 2019

Amidst the pressures of attending the high schools of Palo Alto, California, students’ true opinions on the rigorous environment are not adequately represented in media coverage. From on-campus wellness centers to mental health organizations and curricula, PAUSD is working hard to change the narrative. Only by highlighting these positive inner workings can the public truly acknowledge the community’s efforts to shed light upon these nationally known schools.

So Long, Mom and Pop

Kailee Correll, Kimi Lillios, Grace Rowell, and Lia Salvatierra | May 22, 2019

The neon wired clock above a countertop lined with jars of candy welcomes customers into the Palo Alto Creamery, a restaurant known for its signature milkshakes and iconic old school diner ambiance. For decades, family-run shops have dominated the retail scene in small towns. In a metropolitan setting, however, the general style of business changes into mostly streamlined companies. Compared to local...

Where the Wild Thoughts Run

Natalie Schilling, Raj Sodhi, Katherine Buecheler, Chloe Laursen, Isabella Moussavi, and Fiza Usman | April 12, 2019

There’s an absence of laughter in the once animated neighborhood. Streets are now vacant; the lack of youth draining it of the neighborhood’s prior vibrancy. No longer are children playing outside, rather, they sit stiffly inside, awaiting standardized direction. One by one, they flip through the plans of an itinerary, their days planned to the minute, their brains set on autopilot. The buzz...

Welcome to the Family

Kailee Correll, Sophie Jacob, Karina Kadakia, Chloe Laursen, Natalie Schilling, and Hazel Shah | March 5, 2019

With each step, the music becomes louder and the floor becomes stickier. As you descend into the basement, you fight against the flashing lights to distinguish your fellow fraternity brothers from the sea of unfamiliar faces. Wading through crushed beer cans and empty red Solo Cups, you push through the sweaty masses and make your way deeper and deeper into the horde. You spot a bottle of vodka floating...

Sleep Tight

Ellie Fitton, Claire Li, Ellen Chung, Isabella Moussavi, and Tyler Varner | December 6, 2018

The brain’s inclination to dream is one of life’s most compelling and open-ended mysteries. Sleep is a necessary function of the human body, and as something that consumes up to a third of our lives, there is still much that is left for speculation. Why do we dream? What do these dreams mean? Where do these images originate within our minds? Many scientists have attempted to respond to these...