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Guide To Staying Woke

Although it’s easy to resort to a light-hearted chick flick when picking a movie, mix it up and watch some stimulating informative entertainment. These four films will help you stay socially aware.
Darrow Hornik January 26, 2018

All Tied Up

Have you ever been curious about how to spice up your everyday look? Ever wondered how you would do that with a single, inexpensive item? Well, if these questions apply to you, fear no more! We have found the perfect item to perk up your daily fashion– scarves. Scarves galore! Here are a couple of ways in which you can use a scarf to add a kick to your everyday fashion!
Darrow Hornik January 18, 2018


Darrow Hornik November 7, 2017
Farmers Market

Farmer’s Market

Join the CMag staff as we venture across town to California Avenue where we join the world of fresh fruits, baked goods, colorful vegetables, and more.
Darrow Hornik, Angie Cummings, and Maya Rachel October 3, 2017
Summer Events

Summer Events

Summer in the Bay Area is a great time to attend a concert, support a cause or visit a national park.
Darrow Hornik and Talia Stanley June 4, 2017
Monster in the Mirror

Monster in the Mirror

An inside look into the complex topic of eating disorders and the stories of three paly students who have fallen victim to this mental illness. DISCLAIMER: This story includes sensitive content relating to the topic of eating disorders and body image. If you have struggled with either of these, please read with discretion.
Jasmine Abeyta, Darrow Hornik, Julianna Roth, and March 17, 2017

The Importance of Mental Health

Here is a version of the Ted Talk I gave at Ted X Palo Alto High School on the stigma of mental illness and my personal experiences with that stigma.
Darrow Hornik December 16, 2016

Hidden Treasures of San Francisco

Staff writers Darrow Hornik and Olivia O’Farrell take a trip to San Francisco to explore two unknown museums: the Museum of Craft and Design and the Museum of African Diaspora. Here’s what they saw and experienced on this adventure to the city!
Darrow Hornik and Olivia O'Farrell December 16, 2016

My Baking Failure

Darrow Hornik December 5, 2016

C Mag Simplifies: Feminism

“The biggest misconception is that it’s somehow anti-man, and that’s simply not the case.”
Ahana Ganguly and Darrow Hornik September 23, 2016
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