C Magazine’s Color of the Month

Lia Salvatierra and Grace Rowell

C Magazine’s ‘Color of the Month’ project, created by current Editors-in-chief Grace Rowell and Lia Salvatierra, invites the Paly community to share their experiences, memories and thoughts associated with a specific Pantone color that is curated by the staff. In efforts to eclipse the way in which society characterizes the world through names and associations, the responses gathered serve to give the colors an established foundation beyond the numbers and trivial names they have already been given. 


“Hot summer days and cool, whimsically-flavored ice cream.”

“The seam foam in Carmel.”

“The dew that collects on the blades of grass in my front yard”.


“The color that my Converse high top sneakers were when they came out of the box and were never worn”

“This color reminds me of fresh ripe cherries.”

“The floor of my old roller skating rink.”

“It makes me think of warm, winter days spent cozied up by the fireplace […] & lipstick & grapes.”

The Last Rays of Summer

“This color reminds me of my grandmother’s pool in the summer, with the shadows of palm trees and flowers reaching over the constantly changing textural surface.”


“It’s a nice and warm color that looks like a light version of the color indigo. It reminds me of when I used to live in India and would see these array of colors during the Indian festival of Holi where people throw colorful powders at each other, which signifies the victory of good over evil in Hinduism.”


“During the transitional period of time when the sun begins to set, a soft hue of golden yellow is cast over anything and everything in it’s path. This specific shade of yellow that enshrouds the plant life and houses creates an otherworldly beauty—the palm trees suddenly have halos adorning their fronds and rooftops are illuminated with a light dusting of a frosty gold. In a way it is the last triumphant hurrah of the fleeting sun that will soon succumb to the dark night”.