Where Are They Now?

A blast from the past as C Mag revisits past Featured Artists


Featured artists have always been an integral part of C Magazine. Their individual art forms, whether they be music, cooking or fashion design, are showcased in an individual profile throughout the magazine’s history. Now, C Magazine has brought back some favorite past featured artists to explore how their passions have evolved from their first exhibition on our pages and to hear their hopes for work in the future.

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A Touch of Fashion
To view the previous article featuring Amanda McVey: https://issuu.com/c_magazine/docs/cmagazinev9i4
Behind the Mic
To view the previous article featuring Emily Tomz: https://issuu.com/c_magazine/docs/master_production_5_after_correctio
Art on the Mind
To view the previous article featuring Faustine Wang: https://issuu.com/c_magazine/docs/v9.i3.cmagissue
A Transition From the Kitchen
To view the previous article featuring Alex Thom: https://issuu.com/c_magazine/docs/c_magazine_vol._9_edition_2_2020
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