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How to Show Spirit at Sports Games

Exploring the ways to be an active audience member at high school games
Karen Ambrose Hickey

High school sports games are many people’s favorite activities of the year. From the intense atmosphere to the fun socializing, there are so many ways to have fun at games. However, with the recent end to the boys’ basketball season, let’s review the ways to have school spirit so these games are even more entertaining to attend. 

  1. Come with a group of friends

What good is a sports game if the audience is empty? For the cheers, energy, and even the photos, next time you are thinking about going to a game, bring a group of friends to share the fun with you! 

  1. Dress for the theme

Show up wearing the most colorful and most extravagant outfit you can while abiding by the theme. Following the theme creates a unified audience, which only adds to the excitement and buzzing atmosphere of the game. This is especially important if you’re attending an away game–the stronger the crowd presence for your team, the better they will do!

  1. Learn the cheers

There are classic cheers, and there are modern cheers, unique to each school–learn both! If it’s your first time at a game, follow the spirit leaders and you’ll pick up each cheer quickly! Cheering will not only bring a sense of unity within the crowd, but also display your support for the team. Though taunting can easily begin, it is important to remember to be respectful to the opposing team, as well.

  1. Bring homemade posters

What better way to support your school than to support their players? Whether it’s senior night or a regular season game, making your friend a special poster will only support them further and encourage them to play even better. A vibrant poster will bring a visual element to the stadium, showcasing your passion for the team. 

  1. Share on social media

Sharing pictures and videos of school games is an effective way to bring excitement and energy to your school’s sport events. Not only is it fun to show the events of the game, sharing and posting pictures encourages more parents and students to watch and support the teams.

  1. Be respectful

In the end it’s always important to be respectful towards the opposing team and their fans. Showing good sportsmanship reflects on you and your team. By embracing the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship, we make the overall experience of the game more fun, creating an atmosphere where everyone can feel welcomed and appreciated, regardless of the outcome.

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