C Mag Recommends: Mutual Aid Organizations

An introduction to the concept of mutual aid and how to get involved


Mutual aid is a radical system of community support that relies on the idea that we must help each other, for no one else will. It differs from charity in that it is a two way support system, not one way. It’s about finding the real problems and prioritizing the collective needs. Especially in this pandemic, many people feel that systems have failed us, but also that it was never meant to support everyone, especially those of marginalized class, race, gender, sexuality, etc.

“We believe these collective care models hold the secret to building strong, resilient communities – but only if we build them. This will take people like you stepping up to organize your neighborhoods, or join what already exists, and getting to know the stories of those you call neighbors,” SF Mutual aid home page.

Get Involved

SF Mutual Aid

SF Mutual Aid is a group formed out of necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic that provides lots of support to residents throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Sign up for SF Mutual Aid by clicking the button above. You can either provide support or request support.

If you decide to provide support, you will be asked to select the areas of support you are willing to give. These options include delivering food and running errands, monetary donations for rent and food, sanitary product donations, phone calls, tech support and much more. Even if you feel you have no skills or resources to help, there is almost certainly something you can provide to the common good, and SF mutual aid is willing to work with you to figure out what that is.

Bay Area Mutual Aid Map

The Bay Area Mutual Aid Map shows people who offer help and people who need help around the bay. This is a great place to post something you are offering as a service.

COVID-19 Resource Spreadsheet

The document linked above, created in response to people struggling even more than usual in this pandemic, lists a lot of great resources for mutual aid and charity efforts around the Bay Area and nationwide. Examples of some of the things people can help out with range from mindfulness coaching to PPE donations to babysitting.

The “I can help” tab has a wide range of services you can help out with. In the “Needs” row, look for something you can help with/interests you! If you are seeking aid, look at the “I Need Help” tab for a list of resources in the Bay and what each of them provides.