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Behind the Song: Sarah Gross

Ella Rosenblum, Staff Writer | March 22, 2021

Behind the scenes podcast on how singer-songwriter Sarah Gross documented the creation of her song "nothing i can do (to replace you)" on TikTok

Calm Through Crocheting

Emma Turnbull | March 21, 2021

Need a new hobby? Something to distract you from the never-ending cycle of school work and studying? Crocheting is the perfect activity for you!

Illustrative Voices

Kellyn Scheel | March 15, 2021

A non-profit that is using art to start tough conversations and tackle social injustices

A Step In The Right Direction

Libby Spier | March 15, 2021

A follow up on a recent story, The Hidden Aftermath, looking into how our county has not truly eradicated discrimination.

The Butterfly Effect

Colin Lai | March 14, 2021

Youth activists inspire people to stand up against child detention policies by folding paper butterflies.

Creating the Cottagecore Look

Colleen Wang | February 28, 2021

A guide to achieving one of the biggest aesthetics on social media—but at what cost?

Auditory Accompaniments to the New Year

Atticus Scherer | February 26, 2021

Will this year take us to new auditory heights, or enlighten us to the bangers of the past?

Quarantine Made Me Buy It

Jack Haney | February 21, 2021

While staying at home, Paly students have found unique purchases to occupy their time.