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Fight FYRE with FIRE

Fight FYRE with FIRE

Ss the truth about the notorious Fyre Festival continues to be uncovered, documentaries illustrating the clandestine events leading up to and after the festival have gained significant momentum.
Sophie Jacob, Karina Kadakia, and Claire Moley March 18, 2019
Simply Sampled

Simply Sampled

Gigi Tierney and Claire Moley December 17, 2018
Photos by Kailee Correll

Downtown Streets Team

Downtown Streets Team is an organization dedicated to providing solutions to the struggles of the homeless population.
Claire Moley, Kailee Correll December 17, 2018
Faith or Flow

Faith or Flow

Religion and spirituality differ, yet coincide in the sole purpose of granting meaning to the life of an individual.
Ellie Fitton, Maddie Yen, Claire Moley, and Tamar Ponte December 14, 2018

The ‘Wich Sitch @ Driftwood

C Magazine dives into the history of one of the most popular lunch spots for Paly students. Driftwood Deli is more than a market, it’s a community.
Jack Callaghan, Maddie Yen, Claire Moley, and Isabel Hadly December 12, 2018

Paly to Platinum

C magazine delves into the history of Paly band culture, and how certain artists were able to continue their careers after graduation.
A Look Into Sound

A Look Into Sound

Though some enjoy listening to music in the confines of their bedroom, nothing compares to watching live performance, filled with dynamic visuals and dancing lights, indescribably connecting the audience and the performer. Live artists are known not only for their music, but for their striking concert experiences.
Claire Moley, Jack Callaghan, and Natalie Schilling December 11, 2018


In the United States, approximately one in five adults currently sport at least one tattoo. Societies have used body art, and more specifically tattoos, as an avenue of self expression for generations. However, tattoos have not always been as widely accepted or as popular as they are today. As body art continues to evolve, as does the range of perspectives towards tatoos, and the spectrum of design and meaning behind each person’s unique piece of art.
Jaime Furlong, Claire Moley, and Gigi Tierney March 22, 2018

Musical Festivals for Dummies

At music festivals you see your favorite artist plus five more artists you have never heard of. You get thrown around in a crowd for hours on end, and when the concert’s over, you return to an unfamiliar sleeping arrangement. Then you wake up, you do what you did the day before. All. Over. Again. Here are some of C Mag’s tips for surviving the insanely harsh and fun world that is a music festival.
Claire Moley and Sam Guernsey January 26, 2018

Glass Pumpkins

An inside look into the largest glass pumpkin patch in Northern California
Emily Filter and Claire Moley January 18, 2018

Young Love

We interviewed kids from the ages of five to ten to take a look into their hearts and see what love means to them.
Claire Moley, Gigi Tierney, and Lia Salvatierra January 18, 2018

Pause, Play, Shuffle

An inside look into four Paly music lovers and how their individual tastes brought them to find what they love to listen to.
Claire Moley and Alexis Pisco November 7, 2017
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