C Mag Staff: New Year’s Resolutions 2022

The C Mag staff sets their aspirations and goals for the new year


Eunice Cho

Resolution: “Go outside more, look at more pretty sunsets, spend more time with friends!”

Kaila Chun

Resolution: “My news year goal is to improve balancing [my] school work with outside-of-school activities and social life.”

Audrey Guo

Resolution: “To make art more often.”

Reya Hadaya

Resolution: “My new year’s resolution is to be more grateful for and present in every day’s little moments. I also want to start taking pictures of the small things that make me happy so I have something to look back on.”

Jack Haney

Resolution: “Eat healthier, be on [my] phone less and surf more.”

Olivia Hau

Resolution: “I don’t do new year’s resolution because the whole ‘new year, new me’ idea doesn’t resonate with me and my lifestyle.”

Isaac Hillesland

Resolution: “I want to read more.”

Eunchae Hong

Resolution: “My new year’s goal is to drink more water.”

Julie Huang

Resolution: “I want to put more focus on living in the moment and appreciate the beauty in my surroundings.”

Wendy Li

Resolution: “My new year’s goal is to go outside more on my own time.”

Jeremy Peng

Resolution: “Try new things and pick up old things.”

McKenna Rausch

Resolution: “To not be so hard on myself, to be more positive and to go places that make me happy. The beach is one of those places, which I’ve been to twice since the new year.”

Milena Rodriguez

Resolution: “My new year’s resolution is to read more books. I stopped reading for pleasure last year, but during winter break I started reading again, and it inspired me to make the change.”

Ella Rosenblum

Resolution: “Listen to new music from artists that I haven’t listened to before, instead of just Taylor Swift.”

Mathew Signorello-Katz

Resolution: “Look at the big picture—if it won’t matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes thinking about it.”

Jasmine Tabrizi

Resolution: “My new year’s resolution is to get outside more because it’s something that I feel like I didn’t do enough last year, considering the pandemic.”

Brooke Threlkeld

Resolution: “This year, I’d like to spend less time on my phone and more time doing things like reading and being in nature.”

Emma Turnbull

Resolution: “Go on hikes and appreciate nature more.”

Kylie Tzeng

Resolution: “My new year’s resolution was to not procrastinate my work. However, I failed on the first day back in school. I’m already behind on work.”

Casey Walters

Resolution: “To live a less stressful life. Being stressed is optional.”

Sophia Baginskis

Resolution: “My new year’s resolution is to spend more time outside.”

Emma Joing

Resolution: “I want to try to journal more! Not every day, but a manageable amount.”