C Magazine

Sophia Baginskis
2019-2020 - Staff Writer

2020-2021 - Social Media Manager

I joined C Mag because I have always loved reading the magazine and looking at the designs. I think arts and culture are fascinating. I love all of the different perspectives C Mag covers and the incorporation of design. My favorite part about C Mag is the creativity that each member brings. I believe our individual creativity is amplified when we come together; it produces very unique and exciting designs. The articles become multi-dimensional. I believe our designs set C Mag apart from all other publications. I love to travel and listen to music. My favorite weather is overcast or gloomy weather, even storms, probably because I've grown up in California. Blasting music and going on long drives gives me a break from my life and is calming. I also enjoy volunteering, specifically for get out the vote projects or medical related activities. My favorite part of medicine is neuroscience and psychology.

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Sophia Baginskis, Social Media Manager

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