Which Flower Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which flower matches your personality!


The bright gold of a forsythia conveys undying optimism and love. It takes time for people to earn your affection, but once they have it, your love is unconditional. You are a positive,  glass-half-full kind of person who always lifts others up with kind words.

Black Tulip

The black tulip represents power, elegance and a tad of mystery. You’re someone who instantly commands every room you walk into and who inspires everyone you meet. Many admire your striking appearance and how you maintain your composure in the toughest times, but deep down, you have a softer side that you only reveal to those closest to you.


The scent of a lavender is known for its relaxing powers–powers which you embody perfectly. Your sincerity, thoughtfulness and calm energy makes it easy for people to love you. People can count on you to de-escalate a conflict; otherwise, you’re always there to lend a listening ear, helping hand or word of advice.


Being around a daisy is always a blast! You have a young spirit and a happy-go-lucky attitude. You never shy away from an adventure (hiking, anyone?) and are always making others laugh. People can underestimate your intellect, but those that truly know you understand that there’s more that lies beneath your bubbly exterior.


In cultures across the world, orchids are gifted to loved ones as a symbol of refined beauty. On the outside, you’re sophisticated and put together. On the inside, you’ve got great taste (maybe vintage?) and are full of genuine care for your friends and family. While it may take some time to get to know you, the relationships you forge are meaningful and long lasting.

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