C Mag Reviews: Best Bagel Spots

On an excursion through Santa Cruz, C Mag staff are on a mission to find the best bagel shop in town.



The Bagerly had some of the best bagels in Santa Cruz. With the perfect chewy but not too soft bagels and yummy whipped cream cheese, there was the ideal ratio of bread to cream cheese. Asking for light cream cheese gave the perfect amount. However, if you do not ask for light cream cheese, the ratio of bread to cream cheese changes significantly. The everything bagel was very flavorful and the blueberry bagel had a yummy blueberry flavor that was strong but not too overpowering. 

Kaila: 4/5

Evie: 5/5

Eunchae: 4/5

Main St. Bagels:

Main St. Bagels had decent bagels but nothing too special. There was a good amount of cream cheese and a nice texture, making for an overall good bagel. The strawberry cream cheese was very sweet, though too thinThe blueberry bagel had a good blueberry flavor. The bagels themselves weren’t very fluffy and reminded us of bagels bought in a grocery store. Additionally, something to note about the store was that if you purchase anything under $9, there is a charge added to your total if you pay with a card, so it’s recommended you pay in cash! 

Kaila: 2.5/5

Evie: 3/5

Eunchae: 2/5

Firefly Coffee House:

Firefly Coffee House was a hit and our favorite bagel place! The coffee shop was a cute spot that would be perfect to get work done in or hang out with friends. The bagels themselves tasted almost bready and were super fluffy and warm. The cream cheese wasn’t too overpowering, and there was the perfect ratio of cream cheese to bagel. The everything bagel was classically delicious and the jalapeno parmesan bagel had a nice spice that didn’t kick in until after you ate it. Furthermore, the presentation of the bagel was the best of all three places. Firefly Coffee Houses understood that we eat with our eyes as well!

Kaila: 5/5

Evie: 4/5

Eunchae: 5/5