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Reviewing Starbucks’s Spring Menu

C-Magazine staff tries Starbucks’s new seasonal drinks

The Lavender Oatmilk Matcha Latte: 10 /10

Starbucks’s Oatmilk Matcha Latte is a serene blend of floral lavender, creamy oat milk, and earthy green matcha. The smooth texture of the oat milk perfectly complements the lavender sweetness, making the beverage perfect for an evening stroll. However, we recommend using less ice when customizing your drink. 

Lavender Latte: 6 /10

Starbucks’s Lavender Latte is a fragrant fusion of espresso and soothing lavender. It’s a perfect mix of bitterness and sweetness if you’re a coffee lover but still want to soak in the cool lavender breeze. We would recommend Blonde Espresso. 

Lavender Creme Frappuccino: 10/10

The smooth and velvety texture of the Lavender Creme Frappuccino is perfectly complimented by the subtle sweetness of the lavender syrup, and the refreshing whipped cream that follows the blended beverage makes it perfect for the warm weather. 

Iced Hazelnut Shaken Espresso: 5/10

The blonde espresso’s perfect balance of nutty hazelnut flavor and bitterness makes it a refreshing pick-me-up. The blonde espresso shots are shaken with ice and hazelnut syrup, creating a solution to a relaxed and caffeinated drink search. We want to express the nutty undertones of this drink if you like nuts. 

Spicy Strawberry Acai Refresher: 9/10

The Spicy Strawberry from Starbucks is a fruity goodness with a kick of spice. Fresh strawberries provide a sweet and tangy base, while the spice adds a surprising depth of flavor. This drink is perfect if you want to spice up your daily fix. Did we mention that the Strawberry Acai is one of Starbucks’ most popular drinks?

Spicy Pineapple Refresher: 8/10

Starbucks’ Pineapple Passion Spicy is a tropical delight with a fiery twist. The vibrant flavors of pineapple and passion fruit transport you to a sunny island getaway, while the hint of spice adds an unexpected kick. With its refreshing taste and invigorating heat, this beverage will awaken your senses and leave you craving more.

Spicy Dragonfruit Refresher: 8 /10

The Spicy Mango Dragonfruit from Starbucks is a compelling blend of sweetness and heat. Juicy mango and exotic dragonfruit create a luscious base, while the spicy kick elevates the flavor profile to new heights. This refreshing beverage perfectly balances fruity sweetness and fiery spice; however, this combination can tickle you incorrectly. 

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Kaitlyn Gonzalez-Arceo
Kaitlyn Gonzalez-Arceo, Staff Writer
2023-2024 Staff Writer I joined C-Mag because of the issues I've seen in the past 2 years of being here. All the issues were something I could always relate to in one way or another and I hope a story I write will inspire someone that way too. I believe my favorite part of joining C-Mag will be getting to work with other journalists who share a passion for arts and culture. I love journalism because it's the career I want to pursue; I love being able to write about the things I am moved by. My hobbies consist of going to the beach, playing soccer, and going for coffee runs! My goals are to always get the story out there and to hopefully one day be someone important in the journalism industry.
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Sophia Dong, Staff Writer
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