Croissant Connoisseurs

C Magazine tastes the croissants of Town & Country


C Magazine tastes the croissants of town and country

Manresa: 4/5 – $4.50

The Manresa croissant is a great option if you’re looking for a moderately-sized classic plain croissant. It had very good lamination, a strong butter flavor, and was an appealing golden brown. The croissant was moist on the inside with a crunchy exterior, yet it still melted in your mouth. However, this is the most expensive option, which might prevent this from becoming a weekly treat.

Trader Joe’s: 2.5/5 – $3.49 for 2

We thought the Trader Joe’s croissants were an economical option if you’re looking for a snack and would be much better toasted. Straight out of the bag, however, they were not crispy at all, didn’t have a very strong butter flavor, and were fairly dense on the inside. We would not recommend it unless you’re in a hurry or have a toaster nearby.

Douce France: 4.5/5 – $3

We loved the Douce France croissants! They were well-priced, had lots of different flavors, and weren’t overwhelmingly buttery. The surprising jam flavor inside elevated the taste of butter and the softness of the croissant. The raspberry filling delightfully complemented the moist inside of this croissant. Although they weren’t as puffy and light as the Manresa croissants, we highly recommend these croissants!