Where are CMAG-ers going next?

As the school year comes to an end, CMAG seniors recall their favorite CMAG memories


Kaila Chun

Middlebury College – undeclared

“My favorite story to write was The Place We Call Home. This story was super interesting and I got a really cool interview. I will definitely miss the C Magazine community. I’ve loved getting to know everyone this year! Through C Mag, I have strengthened my writing skills, worked on using Indesign and learned new leadership skills.”

Evie Coulson

University of California, Santa Cruz – Earth Science

“[My favorite story was] the Art of Disability Culture, because of the amazing interviews I got to conduct and being able to go in person to the exhibit. Being able to sit down and talk to people about the topic they are most interested in has always been super fun for me, and I’ve loved being able to work with lots of different people on staff. [I learned] how to take ideas and turn them into concrete stories and spreads on a deadline.”

Audrey Guo

New York University – Interactive Media Arts

“[In] Going Public, The interviews I conducted with installation artists Morgan Bricca and James Moore gave me a deeper appreciation for Palo Alto’s public art program and inspired me to pursue a career that merges art and community. [I] got better at generating intriguing ideas and effective designs! [I will miss] production dinners with everyone!”

Olivia Hau

University of Southern California, Journalism

“I really enjoyed writing Untangled because it taught me the nuances and importance of natural hair. I will miss the yummy production dinners with the entire CMAG community. Through CMAG, I learned how to work as a team and expand my creativity to create an incredible magazine.”

Isaac Hillesland

St. Olaf College – English

“My favorite story to write was the one on Black Music, because though the topic was tricky to cover, it was something I was interested in, and which I think turned out pretty cool. I will miss the satisfaction of creating something for my community, and the community that CMAG provided me. I learned more about being a part of a team, thinking creatively, writing and designing.”

Eunchae Hong

Northeastern University – Business Administration and Data Science

“My favorite story to write was Eldest Immigrant Daughter because I got to be vulnerable within my writing for the first time. I will miss the community within C Mag, I feel like everyone is super close and it’s like a family. I learned how to work effectively with a variety of different people and how to improve my journalistic writing.”

Julie Huang

University of California, Davis – English

“I can’t choose just one [favorite story], but I loved learning about Palo Alto’s history while writing “Valley of Heart’s Delight” and the thrills of rock climbing while writing Rock On! I’ll miss the amazing people, the MAC and its amenities, and production dinners with everyone! C-Mag showed me the importance of clear and timely communication while working on a publication and the joys of sharing a creative process with others!”

Wendy Li

University of California, San Diego – Environmental Systems

“I really enjoyed writing the Stage tech story with Caitlyn in junior year as I got to learn a lot about an extracurricular not a lot of people knew much about. Through this experience I also discovered a lot about stage tech and I think people who are part of stage tech are very talented. I will miss the people, the opportunity to have something I created be shared to the public, and of course the food during production. I learned how to communicate with others I wouldn’t usually talk to, how to be a bit braver with interviews, and how to effectively intertwine art and journalistic writing to enhance every story I wrote.”

Anna Markesky

University of Wisconsin, Madison – Elementary Education

“I loved writing and designing the story hikes for vikes. I’m an avid walker and hiker, so I felt really connected to this issue. “[I will] definitely [miss] the people! I’ve made some of my best friends in this class. Mr. Wilson, the seniors and juniors have all been so awesome to work with. I learned how to better grow my communication, design, and writing skills.”

Caitlyn Oda

University of California, Irvine – Undecided

“My favorite story to write was called Elephante in the Room which covered a music artist signed with 88rising! It was a fun experience to talk with a music artist and his journey straying away from a traditional office job. I will miss the staff and talking about our stories with each other. I’ve been on Cmag since my sophomore year and through my time on staff I learned how to push myself out of my comfort zone. I talked to a variety of people and learned about their lives to craft a story. I also improved my design skills and made new friends :)”

Uri Ponte

Ithica College – Film

“My favorite story to write was the featured artist story on Annalise Klenow. What I will miss the most is the production night dinners. I learned how to work journalistically with other people.”

McKenna Rausch

Tulane University – Psychology and Neuroscience

“My favorite story to write was the IX story because I was able to work with the other EICs to make a statement about what was going on with Paly’s title IX issues. I was able to talk to so many people including the two founders of RISE. I am going to miss the community of people and how fun production has been. I learned how to become a leader, design spreads and learned how to work well with my peers.”

Milena Rodriguez

Wellesley College – Art History

“I loved writing the Title IX story because we were able to bring to light an important topic and I learned so much about Title IX policy. I will miss the community the most, especially getting to know all of the staff members! I learned so much about writing, design, editing, and leading a group of people to create an amazing magazine!”

Ella Rosenblum

New York University – Undecided

“My favorite story to write was definitely Debate Like a Savage because I saw the story through from pitching it all the way until the end and I was extremely passionate about the idea for the story. The interviews we got were so inspiring and the story came together really well. I will miss the creative, collaborative energy that filled the room everyday, especially during production. I learned how to think on my feet, how to work with others, how to talk to and approach all kinds of people, and how to be a better writer.”

Kellyn Scheel

Conneticut College – Graphic Design and Cognitive Science

“[My favorite story was] probably my first story ever as a sophomore: the Grateful Dead cover because I got to connect with a lot of different people and learn about the history of the band and incorporate tiny details into the cover art. Honestly [I will miss] production, hanging out with the staff and seeing all of our work come together. [I learned] how to collaborate with others and make compromises.”

Willow Steele

California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo

Jasmine Tabrizi

Chapman University – undecided

“My favorite story to write was “IX” because I learned a lot about Palo Alto’s Title IX policy throughout the process and enjoyed interviewing people from the district office and Paly. What I’ll miss the most about C Mag is the strong sense of community. It was a lot of fun to get to know lots of people from all different grades. I learned a lot about leadership from being on C Mag. It was a great way to get to know more about the behind the scenes process of creating a magazine. “

Kylie Tzeng

University of California, Davis – Mathematics

“I really enjoyed writing C Mag Tries Game Night because it was a great class bonding experience. I will miss the community we built. I learned to go beyond my comfort zones and reach out to new people for interviews.”

Casey Walters

Colorado State University – Natural Resource Econ

“[My favorite story was] Stolen art stolen stories; I learned a ton. [I learned] how to go deep on a particular topics that you are assigned.”