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Low & Slow

From gracing local neighborhoods throughout the Bay Area to emerging on the streets of Japan, the striking cars and tight community of lowrider culture have evolved from traditional Latino roots to bring people together from around the world.
Claire Li, Sam Mutz, and Hazel Shah November 19, 2019
Designed by Hazel Shah. Photos courtesy and labelled for reuse by Flicker and Pinterest

Healthy vs Harmful Sunscreens

The chemical makeup of sunscreen is often a second thought when using it in our day-to-day lives during the Summer time. However, a chemical called Oxybenzone in sunscreen is steadily dissolving our coral reefs before our very eyes and Hawaii has taken a step forward addressing this issue.
Hazel Shah May 19, 2019

Welcome to the Family

Greek life has glorious traditions and problematic issues, just like any family. The system has become increasingly controversial under the public spotlight, and society is beginning to ask: is Greek life worth preserving, or is the family album running out of pages?
Woodstock Makes a Comeback

Woodstock Makes a Comeback

Summer 2019 brings the 50th anniversary celebration of the original 1969 Woodstock Music Festival. Will it be success?
Hazel Shah, Ellie Fitton, and Theo Lim-Jisra February 12, 2019
Hybrid Art

Hybrid Art

Hazel Shah, Staff Writer December 18, 2018
Taken at the LinkedIn offices in Sunnyvale, CA

Optimal Offices

Silicon Valley offices are rapidly evolving from a sea of lifeless desks to bright, interactive spaces, boosting productivity and the overall atmosphere for their employees.
Jaime Furlong, Lia Salvatierra, and Hazel Shah December 14, 2018
Its like Deja Vu...All Over Again

It’s like Deja Vu…All Over Again

Many have experienced the vivid yet ambiguous feeling of recollection that can occur in a split second. This mysterious phenomenon that is déjà vu has resulted in many startling experiences which have been explained by many intricate theories that still remain unproven.
Katherine Buecheler, Karina Kadakia, and Hazel Shah December 14, 2018
Beyond the Brain

Beyond the Brain

In an effort to expand Paly’s perception of intelligence, C Magazine investigates the nuances and psychological reasons behind this abstract concept.
Ashley Guo, Katherine Buecheler, Claire Li, and Hazel Shah November 29, 2018

Power Pants

women have been rocking pants for almost 100 years. look at us now.
Lia Salvatierra, Hazel Shah, and Ryan Gwyn March 22, 2018

on the EDGE

How rock and roll was brought to the streets of Palo Alto and where it went.
Hazel Shah, Ellie Fitton, Rebekah Limb, and Raj Sodhi March 22, 2018
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