Slang: All Around the World

Have you ever wondered if the skills you have learned in your foreign language class would suffice for having a conversation in a foreign country that speaks that language? The answer is yes, but with emphasis on suffice. Learning a language in a classroom is completely different than learning a language by being in the actual country or place it is spoken. Part of this has to do with the way people talk in that country and the slang they use. Every country, even if they speak the same language, has a different way of saying different things. Here are some examples of slang from around the world to help you understand some culture of the culture before you travel to these exciting countries.

“Chav” = Ratchet 
“Pissed” = Drunk
“Peak” = Bad

“Chav” = Ratchet “Pissed” = Drunk “Peak” = Bad

Sam Guernsey, Staff Writer