C Mag Tries Game Night

We’re all in for C Mag Game Night


Sounds of laughter and conversation flood MAC room 103 as people gather in groups to play some classic games: Uno, Candyland, Hedbanz and more. 

In an attempt to bring back nostalgic feelings and memories, C Magazine hosted a game night for its staff, complete with countless games and snack favorites.

With the rise of the digital age, the occurrence of game nights have drastically decreased. Many people have opted for digital entertainment, like streaming platforms, instead of spending quality time with their family and friends. Consequently, many fun childhood memories and traditions have taken a backseat as our lives become increasingly busy.

A game night isn’t just about playing board games. It encourages team building and fosters new connections. Through friendly competition and teamwork, playing games allowed the staff members to get to know each other in a setting outside of school. 

“I really like the sense of community that you have and the healthy competition,” Hau said. “I think that [playing games] is a really great way to compete but in a fun, friendly and non-hostile way.”

Besides the fun of the actual games, the game night created a fun, inviting atmosphere. 

“There’s really fun music playing and everyone is talking, laughing and playing their games, so it’s very fun and you feel a sense of community,” junior Saachi Nagar said. 

Due to the many options of games to play, the C Magazine staff was able to experience different games and try out new ones as well. 

“You don’t have to be interested in a particular topic because there’s games that everybody can enjoy,” senior Evie Coulson said. 

You don’t have to be interested in a particular topic because there’s games that everybody can enjoy.”

— Evie Coulson, senior

Overall, staff members enjoyed the community created at Game Night and were able to relax and enjoy spending time with each other.

Some games took staff members back to their childhood when they frequently played games with their family and friends. Candyland, a colorful, nostalgic game, certainly had this effect on C Magazine staff.

“I used to play [Candyland] with my family and all of the characters [in the game] have a special place in my heart,” Nagar said.

While some games require strategic planning and concentration, like card games, others are more competitive and hands-on.

“I like the socialization and strategy [of games],” senior Isaac Hillesland said. “I like the politics of board games and it’s just a lot of fun.”

 Though during C Magazine’s Game Night most of the staff members chose games that require focused strategy, an exception to this is Twister. Twister is a well known and popular game because of the entertaining moves from the players and silly mood created.

“The fun and silliness of [Twister is my favorite part],” Hau said. “When people fall all over each other, it’s a really good bonding experience and it’s a good icebreaker to get to know people.” 

Everyone enjoyed game night because they experienced playing their favorite games in a large group. Though most board games don’t allow a big group of people to play at one time, staff members found that card games like Uno and B.S. were more ideal for large groups.

“I like big group games because I feel like it’s more competitive, and I like to be competitive,” junior Siena Dunn said.

While our lives are still extremely busy, occasionally taking time for these small pockets of planned fun social interaction are important. 

As a staff, we all work collaboratively to produce a magazine, so Game Night was the perfect time for everyone to bond.

“We’re all relaxed, there is no work to be done,” senior Julie Huang said. “We’re all just having fun together and sharing the good times.”


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